If you ask any college freshman what they are most looking forward to at this very moment, they will most likely say Thanksgiving break. Ask any college senior and they may not have the same response, but let's take a look at all of the exciting things freshmen have to look forward to this Thanksgiving Break. 

1. Seeing High School Friends 

College friends are great and all, but no one is quite on the level of that group of girls who have been with you since seventh grade. They were with you through your first kiss, first real party and oh so many mental breakdowns, creating a bond that is truly like no other. Looking forward to reuniting with your squad is almost as exciting as actually being reunited — almost. 

2. Home-Cooked Meals

The first time you hear the words, "dinner is ready," will fill you with more excitement than ever as being away at college and living off of a diet of strictly noodles and cereal has made you more appreciative of your parents cooking than you even knew was possible. Not to mention that this holiday literally revolves around a huge meal — the home cooked goodness will be never ending.

3. Family Time

  • Once upon a time, you used to groan and roll your eyes at the thought of having a day dedicated to family bonding, now absolutely nothing could sound better. Don't be surprised if you are the one eagerly texting in the family group chat asking what time and where you should all meet for dinner. Not only are you looking forward to this time, but I promise you that your family is even more excited (even if your siblings won't admit it). 

4. Visiting Your Favorite Restaurants 

Obviously this family bonding will have to take place at your number one favorite restaurant. Going home and hitting all of your favorite old stomping grounds has to be one of the most exciting parts of school breaks. You will have no interest in the cool new Italian resultant that just opened, you want to go to the same old restaurant have been going to since fifth grade because all you have thought about since September is their bolognese. 

5. Sleeping in Your Own Bed

Sleeping in your bed for the first time after spending two months on a stiff dorm room mattress is some sort of heaven on earth. It seems your bed is even more comfortable and cozy than it was when you left it. The only thing that will help you get out of it in the morning is the smell of fresh pancakes wafting from the kitchen. 

6. Showering

The first shower after returning home is an almost religious experience. The water pressure is perfect and you have complete control over the heat, never falling too cold or too hot. You will experience a new level of clean that you almost forgot was possible in college and don't forget about the huge, clean, dry, fluffy towel that will be waiting to wrap around your body after you are done. 

Thanksgiving break is so close, so use this excitement in order to motivate yourself to work hard so you really feel like you deserve this break! 

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash