Politics, especially in today's world, can be both overwhelming and terrifying, so I understand why you may just want to shut it out. However, it is incredibly important that we, as newly eligible voters, stay up to date with our politicians and what is happening in the world news. I am not suggesting you scroll through CNN for hours or buy the newspaper every morning, but below are some fun and interesting ways that will help you enjoy consuming political news. 

1. Political Comedians 

A lot of the things happening in politics right now can actually be really entertaining. People such as Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert grace our late night television screens in order to prove just how humorous politics can be. Find a political comedian who you understand and find funny, and make a habit out of watching their show. If you can't find time to do that, you can easily watch their opening monologues on YouTube in order to stay in the know. 

2. Homescreen

Instead of whatever random Google or Facebook page you may have at the moment, try changing your web browser home page to CNN or any other news website you enjoy. This way every time you open your laptop to online shop or Facebook stalk that cute new guy in your class, you will instantly and effortlessly be hit with the latest hot news topics. 

3. Morning Shows

Morning T.V. such as The View or Good Morning America, are perfect ways to consume daily news and political happenings without feeling overwhelmed or intimated. Find a show that you connect with and watch re-runs of it on YouTube the next day. These shows are usually no longer than 30 minutes and often include interest guests who may have a unique political perspective that could peak your interest. 

4. Notifications 

You already get Snapchat, Facebook, text and Instagram notifications so one more can't hurt. Turn on the notifications for any other news outlet on your phone so you never miss a breaking headline. You don't have to read them all, but at least you will know immediately when something drastic happens instead of awkwardly finding out three hours later in a lecture. 

5. Websites

Many websites and publications that traditionally stayed away from politics are now venturing into political writing in order to help engage the younger generations. So next time you are scrolling through Teen Vogue reading about the latest red carpet trends, maybe venture over to the news section in order to get a simple, yet intelligent account of the happenings in Washington D.C. 

6. Instagram

You already spend hours looking and laughing at meme posts and liking your BFF's tailgating photos, so why not follow a couple of political accounts while you are at it? I am not saying you have to go and follow the "New York Times" on Instagram, but maybe test out a couple of alternative political options. Accounts such as betches_sup (yes, the same people who write those hilarious "Bachelor" recaps) posts daily political memes and keep their followers up to date on news via their Instagram stories. 

I hope I have proved to you that politics can be fun, accessible and interesting! Say goodbye to the days of being the last in your friend group to know about the latest President Trump drama and hello to a world where you are educating your best friends on the importance of the latest bill being passed. 

Lead Image Credit: Pexels