Season transitions can be challenging – especially when trying to find the balance between being warm and stylish while remaining on a college budget. With these few tips, I promise you will feel remain cozy and chic without spending your entire paycheck on new clothes. 

1. Good Denim

Good denim is a must for all year round, but especially during the colder months. Jeans are the perfect transition piece, as they are can be worn both during the day with a sweater and sneakers or dressed up for the night time with booties and a leather jacket. Jeans offer you variety, comfort and most importantly warmth (top tip: wear a pair of tights under them for those days when it feels like the arctic outside). As long as you have at least one or two trusty pairs of good denim jeans in your wardrobe, I promise you will never feel lost when trying to put together a trendy yet weather appropriate outfit.

2. Sweaters

You can't say fall fashion without of immediately imagining a thick, cozy, chunky knit. Chunky sweaters are a fall must-have to surviving the chillier seasons. Not only are they the easiest things to throw on in the mornings, but they will also keep you oh so cozy. They pair easily with jeans, pants, skirts and can even be thrown over a dress for a cute casual twist. They also don't have to break the bank! H&M and Forever 21 can always be counted on to have some amazing sweaters in all sorts of fun fall colors and styles.

3. Accessorize  

Bored of just wearing the same hoodie and skinny jeans every day? Throw on a fun cap or scarf to jazz up your fall outfit. Not only will the addition of hats keep you warmer (especially if you go for the beanie/bobble hat variety), but it will also keep you on trend. If you are feeling up to it, maybe even experiment with the super trendy baker's boy caps, as they are all the rage for fall style right now. 

4. Layer

Another top tip for fall and winter is layering. Obviously, everyone knows about layering vests under sweaters and sweaters under coats, but that's not what I am talking about. Mix up your style and stay trendy by wearing long-sleeved turtle necks under your summer tank dress or pairing a white t-shirt under your favorite camisole. Not only will this help you stay frugal by recycling your summer clothes into the fall months, but you will also look super stylish – I'm talking the Kendall Jenner, Fashion blogger level of stylish. 

5. Tights 

Tights are going to be your new best friend for the colder months. Again, tights are the perfect way to make sure your favorite summer skirts and dresses don't get neglected once fall hits. Simply throw on a thick pair of black tights and you will look cute and cozy. I even suggest doubling up on tights or wearing tights under pants for those extra freezing days.  

6. Invest in a good coat.

Layering can only take you so far, so make sure you have a good, sturdy winter coat. Ideally try to find one with that covers your booty, is waterproof and has a hood. Just because you now have a coat covering your cute fall inspired outfits doesn't mean that your fashion statement has to stop. Head down to Zara, H&M or Forever 21 to find a warm and practical winter coat that will still let you be the effortlessly chic trendsetter you already are. 

If you follow these tips on how to stay stylish through winter, you'll even have enough money left over to grab your favorite hot chocolate to keep you warm!

Lead Image Credit: Pexels