It may seem like moving away from home will make you feel less connected or more separated from your family. However, the exact opposite happens as you begin to miss all the little daily interactions you once took for granted. You quickly learn that although you are now technically independent, you will always need your family. Here are five reasons why moving away for college makes you closer to your family. 

1. You appreciate the little things they used to do.

You suddenly realize how much you relied on your family after moving away. The little things they used to do such as bringing you back your favorite smoothie or folding your laundry suddenly seem like the most touching acts. Realizing how much they did for you only makes you appreciate and love them more. 

2. You aren't around them enough to get annoyed with them.

Being around anyone, especially your family, for too long will end in agitation and annoyance. Now that you are no longer sharing the same roof as them, you have less to get annoyed about. You quickly forget about their annoying habits and only remember your favorite parts of your loving family.

3. When you talk to them, you have real conversations.

Sometimes it is hard to communicate when living apart from family, especially with possible time zone differences or busy schedules. This means that the time spent on FaceTime or a phone call with your family is too precious for the surface level talk. Instead, you go straight into sharing the real and important parts of your new life. 

4. You both get so excited for your return home.

Going home is very exciting. You will be reunited with your own bed, shower and most importantly, your family. No one is more excited than your parents for your return home, and the time leading up to your reunion is spent excitedly counting down the days and planning which of your favorite restaurants you are going to visit first. 

5. You are genuinely interested in how their day was.

Knowing exactly what every family member was doing or where they were was something you probably took for granted or maybe bothered you back in high school. When you get to college, your lives are so different that you genuinely want to know where your mom went to lunch, or which of your little brother's friends slept over. You want to still feel as tuned into their lives as you were when you lived at home.

Remember that whether you are sitting next to them at your dining table or halfway across the country, your family is always there for you. They can be your biggest support system and it is literally their job to love you. I promise that moving away for college won't affect any of this, in fact, it may just make it even stronger. 

Lead Image Credit: Pexels