Sometimes, life at college can start to feel stale. We set into rigid study patterns and see the same old faces day after day. Luckily, there's a weird little world we can escape to via 3DS or Wii that never gets boring: "Animal Crossing." Wouldn't it be nice if we could go to college in the colorful world of slingshots and balloon presents, and be taught by a cast of quirky animal characters? Everything would be so different and fun! Well, um, maybe not. Here's a list of your professors recast as characters from the series. You might be surprised by just how similar they are.

1. Isabelle as Your Perky, Stressed-Out TA


Everyone knows at least one overachieving Isabelle. She manages to keep an improbably sunny disposition and a go-getter attitude in the classroom despite being hopelessly overworked; she lives on frequent trips to Brewster's. This girl has so many irons in the fire that you almost feel guilty for visiting during office hours...especially when you show up and find her asleep on her desk after three consecutive all-nighters, drooling on a stack of important-looking papers. She's cute, but she makes you worry about just what effect graduate school would have on your mental health.

2. Blathers as The Professor That Just…Keeps…Talking


You thought that learning about dinosaur fossils would be fun. You were wrong. This owl represents every long-winded, oblivious professor you'll ever have; he's passionate about the course material, but his didactic diatribes will ensure that no one else is. His lessons are always accompanied by faint sounds of snoring — students are known to smuggle pillows into their lecture seats. Fortunately, Blathers has a severe case of insectophobia, and some prankster will occasionally make the class much more exciting by releasing a live beetle into the lecture hall.

3. Phyllis as Your Grumpy Professor


Phyllis seems totally disillusioned with teaching — though it would be more accurate to say she's disillusioned with the general intelligence of college students. You can count on Phyllis to sling thinly-veiled insults in class and refuse to take any excuses for missing work. She's heard it all before. And when someone falls asleep in class, expect her to slam a textbook on their desk. Being Phyllis's student is intimidating, but if you actually pay attention, complete your work on time and don't do anything obnoxious, she might start to tolerate you. There's still warmth somewhere in her cold, dead heart. She'll never admit it, though. Now don't let the door hit you on the way out.

4. Dr. Shrunk as Your Bad Joke Professor


After arriving to your physiology lecture, you check the time to make sure you haven't accidentally stumbled in on your college's open mic night. Nope, it's just Dr. Shrunk. When this professor talks about bone structures, he gets pretty humerus. His PowerPoint presentations are full of meme images: highly compressed 2010 meme images overlaid with Impact font. His sincerity may make him endearing, but it doesn't make him funny. The worst part is that some people laugh along because they think it'll get them a better grade — it won't, and it just ensures that another lolcat will make an appearance in his next lesson. Ugh.

5. Tortimer as Your Elderly Professor


This guy has been teaching since your college was founded... over one hundred years ago. He's not the best with integrating technology into his course (playing a YouTube video is a ten-minute ordeal), and if you're not careful, he might launch into a speech about the confusing ways of modern youth or how nice things were in the good old days. You can't help but wonder why he hasn't retired yet, but at least he's proof that you, too, can do what you love well into your golden years — and if you need sage advice, there's no better professor to see.

6. Gracie as Your Stylish Professor


Every time you walk into her class, you feel underdressed. It's easy to feel embarrassed about showing up in a hoodie when this professor manages to rock heels, styled hair, flawless makeup and a gorgeous color palette EVERY SINGLE DAY. And those sunglasses? To die for. Expect her to teach art or design with a keen aesthetic eye. It's a privilege to be taught under someone who loved works of art so much, she decided to become one.

7. Pascal as Your Chill Professor


Ah, yes, the antithesis to your stylish professor. This professor might dress like he's at home watching Netflix, eat Doritos at his desk and crack jokes in class, but don't be quick to judge him. Like many chill professors, Pascal has hidden depths. He possesses deep knowledge of the humanities, and he and regularly provides his students with pearls of philosophical wisdom. In short: he might be relaxed, but don't expect an easy grade. He just doesn't conform to the system, maaaan. 

8. Crazy Redd as The Professor That Makes You Buy His Own Textbook At An Insane Price


Aaaand enough said about this guy.

So that's what life would be like at Animal Crossing University — not to mention your animal classmates, who would be eccentric mix of cranky, peppy, lazy, snooty and jocky personality types. Hm. Maybe the world of cartoon animals isn't so different from our own, after all.

Lead Image Credit: Nintendo via Pexels