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Oct 22 2017
by Eva Poleschuck

Review: Should College Students Splurge on this Self-Tanner?

By Eva Poleschuck - Oct 22 2017

I had the chance to review Loving Tan's product line of self-tanners, which was awesome as I had been watching reviews of it for a while. When I first got the box, I wanted to try the products immediately. 

Eva Poleschuck

I'm not a really avid self-tanner, so I wasn't sure if I had to exfoliate or anything, though they do have some application tips on their website. 

I tried out the bronzing moisturizer first on my arms, and after I shaved, I tried it on my legs. Honestly, I had really high expectations for it because I know how expensive the products are, and I've had really poor outcomes with drugstore products. I don't know if it's just because I didn't exfoliate, but for some reason the moisturizer came out really streaky and spotty on my elbows. I had one of my friends try it, though, and it worked really well for her. It came out evenly and she ended up loving it, especially because we were going out that night. The moisturizer came out really well on my legs and I like that I didn't need to rinse it off. It was a natural glow on my legs and you couldn't see a major color difference between anywhere I accidentally didn't get it.

Left: Before using Loving Tan 
Right: After using Loving Tan product

The actual self-tan mousse is a product I will definitely be repurchasing. I shaved, exfoliated and used the mitt after my shower. I waited until I was mostly dry, then covered my entire body in the mousse. I rinsed off "excess" after like 6 hours, but really nothing came off in the shower. My communal shower floor didn't turn orange or anything and I got so many compliments about how I was "glowing." 

Eva Poleschuck

I think my self-tan skills definitely need some work, but the mousse doesn't even compare to the drugstore ones I've wasted money purchasing. You can really see the quality of the products, which is why I've watched so many positive YouTube reviews of the company. I just wish I didn't have to use so much of the product to see a color difference. On one hand, I was scared to use too much and look too dark/unnatural, but on the other hand, I didn't want to use too little and ultimately end up wasting product for a not-so-great result. The results the morning after I used the mousse is something I'm really happy with. I think overall, I favor the mousse over the moisturizer.

The final thing I'd like to mention is how good these products smell. I have so many bronzing moisturizers that smell like dog food – I honestly feel gross after putting them on and end up showering almost immediately after. The pleasant scent from every product I tried makes me excited to shower and get to lather myself up in self tanner. Scent is really important to me, because I'm always running around to class, meetings, and the library and don't always have time to wash off the self tan exactly six hours after I put it on. The scent of the products is perfect and is definitely one of the main reasons that I'll be splurging on these products in the future! 

Verdict: If you're looking for a good self-tanner and you don't mind splurging, check out Loving Tan's product line!

Lead Image Credit: Eva Poleschuck

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Eva Poleschuck - Rutgers University

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