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Sep 07 2016
by Erica Lim

An Open Letter to the Friends my Friends are Making in College

By Erica Lim - Sep 07 2016

To the friends that my best friends are making,

I just want to let you know how lucky you are.

I hope that you see my friends for what they are and what they’re worth. Appreciate their quirks and the amount of love they have. I hope you look past the flaws in them that I’ve grown to know and love and I hope you don’t pass judgement. Take the time to get to know them and love them and cherish them the same way that I do.

They are my people. My rocks. The ones that I can turn to for anything and the ones that I know will always have my back.

They can be yours now, too.

It’s a hard realization to know that I won’t be able to see them every day and be able to rant about my classes and professors or be able to cuddle and watch Netflix. It’s worse to know that, because of busy and changing college schedules, I can’t be there for them 24/7 anymore either — so I’m willing to share.

Because they have you now.

They’ll stay up late at night with you and have talks about your hopes and fears. They’ll adventure with you now and laugh endlessly about the stupid things that happened that night. You have to be there for them to be their shoulder to cry on or to cheer them up after a hard test or a rough break up.

I’m not the only one now who’ll know about what triggers them and know about the small details of their lives. Now you’ll know what their favorite bands and songs are, and you’ll have the pleasure of screaming out lyrics and dancing around with them.

They’re my best friends, so please take care of them. I’m glad they met you and they have you in their lives now. Be wild and go crazy, but don’t forget to hit the books too. I’m passing on my spot in the rotation as the voice of reason now to you.

Good luck dealing with them.

Lead Image Credit: Luca Upper via Unsplash

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Erica Lim - Fordham University

Erica is a freshman at Fordham University majoring in History on a Pre-Law track. In between procrastinating, watching ESPN 30 for 30s on Netflix and being lame, you can find her avoiding decisions and eating cold leftovers. Laugh at her bad luck and misfortune by following her on Twitter or Instagram @ericalim_ !

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