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Feb 18 2018
by Erela Datuowei

How I'm Coping With My Best Friend Leaving For College

By Erela Datuowei - Feb 18 2018

It's always an adjustment when you and your best friend go to separate colleges. You suddenly have to account for all these different factors that didn't exist in high school. It's difficult to adjust when you go to schools in different states, but what about different countries?

My best friend leaves for South Korea at the end of February (she opted to start school in the spring semester) and the challenges are already beginning, again.

1. The Before

First of all, it's always a whirlwind of chaos before she leaves, there are multiple intense packing sessions, pep talks (for me and her) and lots of crying in between.

We try to enjoy as much time as we can together to make up for the months to come. We try to keep whatever quarrels we get into to a minimum because the thought of her leaving on a bad note would be gut-wrenching. We have a goodbye event, maybe a movie, a dinner or barbeque and then we part ways.

2. The During

The fact that South Korea is 14 hours ahead means that she will most likely be asleep when I'm awake. Trying to account for time is about half the struggle and the other half is figuring out how to circumvent it. The odds of us both being free at the same time will be few and far in between so it's usually a game of leaving messages and hoping each other will read them and respond in due time. We keep each other updated on life and progress in college while trying to encourage each other to step outside the box. I try to make her feel comfortable abroad without the feelings of homesickness. If anything, this helps us appreciate the invention and accessibility of instant messaging. We can only imagine how frustrating communication by mail would be.

3. The After

It's always great to have my best friend back. It's a scene out of a Nicholas Sparks book. We do a reunion montage complete with slow-motion running. There is a lot of excitement and we have non-stop stories for a couple of days until we've given each a full update on our lives. We try to hang out as much as possible because a couple of weeks later, we start all over again.

Regardless of how far we travel and how long we're separated, it just makes our friendship stronger. In the future we might live in different cities, but I think we'll be prepared for the difficulty that comes along with that.

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Erela Datuowei - Brooklyn College

I am a freshman at the University of Southern California on a Pre-Pharmacy track minoring in French. In search of diversity and equity in the world.

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