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Nov 21 2017
by Erela Datuowei

7 Alternatives to Coffee That Are Just As Great

By Erela Datuowei - Nov 21 2017

Coffee is the go-to drink to get us through cramming for finals, surviving early morning labs and just getting through a tougher week than usual, which is why sometimes our consumption of it can get out of hand. Often times we don’t even realize we have a dependence on coffee because coffee addicts are usually high-functioning and therefore don’t see it as something that interferes with their everyday lives.

While on the surface you appear fine, your bodily functions are suffering greatly. For instance, the use of caffeinated coffee as a jump start can decrease the need for the body to create natural serotonin (the happy chemical), because there is a high influx of artificial serotonin from coffee. Without serotonin, you may experience depression, anxiety and difficulty sleeping. That being said, it may be impossible for you to quit coffee cold-turkey, so here are seven substitutes that will diversify your flavor palate, keep you feeling energetic and decrease your consumption of caffeine.

1. Licorice Tea