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Jan 24 2017
by Emma Lamperti

How to DIY Your Own Earbud Holder

By Emma Lamperti - Jan 24 2017

Everyone knows that somehow, magically, earbuds get tangled into an impossible knot no matter how careful you are with them; however, I found a way to keep them tangle free and easily accessible thanks to Pinterest! To make your DIY (tangle and knot free) earbud holder you will need the following items.

Emma Lamperti
Emma Lamperti

– Decorative paper 

– Old mint container (I stole my brother's IceBreaker's container)

– Pencil 

– Paintbrush

– Scissors 

– Mod Podge

– Hot glue gun

Step One

Using your pencil trace around the old mint container. Then cut the paper, making sure that it fits well on the container (and doesn't cover the opening). 

Step Two

Use your hot glue gun to attach the decorative paper to the top of the container, again making sure to not glue the opening shut.

Step Three

Now you are going to seal the paper and make the earbud holder more durable and waterproof by covering it in a thin layer of Mod Podge and letting it dry for 10 – 15 minutes.

Step Four

Emma Lamperti

Take your tangle prone earbuds and wrap them up neatly, then place them in your DIY Earbud Holder! 

Your finished product will look something like this:

Emma Lamperti

Now for some bonus steps!

These steps are totally optional, but they may make your DIY project a little more functional, because they will show you how to hang your DIY earbud holder from your bag. 

Materials Needed

– Your DIY earbud container

– String of some sort

– Scissors

– S keychain (optional)

– Hot glue

Step One

Emma Lamperti
Emma Lamperti 

Measure out the length of string you need and if you want, attach a keychain to the end of your loop of string (as pictured above).

Step Two

Hot glue your string to the back of the container, creating a loop. This loop will allow you to attach your DIY Earbud Holder to your backpack or purse. 

Finished Product

Photo Credit: Emma Lamperti

Now you have an easily accessible earbud holder that you made all by yourself! These also make cheap, but awesome gifts, for your fellow friends who like to jam out on the go! 

I hope these tips help and that you try to make a DIY earbud holder (because it's actually pretty cool — and handy!).

Lead Image Credit: Emma Lamperti

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Emma Lamperti -

Emma is currently studying English and Elementary Education at The College of New Jersey. She loves listening to music and writing, either separately or together, and hope to write some interesting articles that help other struggling college students make it to graduation! Instagram & Twitter: @em_lamps

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