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Feb 15 2017
by Emma Lamperti

9 Things To Do During Spring Break

By Emma Lamperti - Feb 15 2017

Spring break is just around the corner people! Well, kind of, we still have a little ways to go, but we can definitely survive and make it to that beautiful, wonderful, class-free week. Some smart and productive people already have their breaks planned (kudos to them for being organized) but if you're like me and wait till the last possible second to plan things, here is a list of things to do during spring break that don't take too much planning and are really fun!

1. Take a road trip through your state.

Taking a little road trip through your state is a fun and easy way to spend a day with your besties. You can pack a lunch, create a playlist and drive to places you have never been before. I live in New Jersey, which is an awesome state to live in to go on mini road trips because I can be in the mountains, on a farm or at the beach without driving too far! You can also go on a completely random road trip by just picking a point on a map and driving there!

2. Go to the beach.

This is something that I plan on doing over break with my friends. Even though our break is in the middle of March and it will be way too cold for us to jump head first into the Atlantic, we can still have fun building sand castles and walking up and down the boardwalk. Going to the beach is such a fun way to spend your time because there is so much to do, and you can make it a fun and easy day trip, or go all out and get a hotel with your friends and stay for a few days.

3. Go to a city.

This is yet another thing I plan on doing over break, since I live about an hour away from New York City. It is always fun to go on an adventure in a city because they always have new and exciting things to offer. If you don't live close enough to a city to just hop on a train and be there in an hour or two, you can drive to a funky town in your state that you have yet to explore and find new, fun things to do with friends!

4. Pack a picnic and catch up with friends.

This is a way to have fun and catch up with friends that is super easy and cheap to do. You can all hop in a car and go to a local park or even set up a spot in your backyard to eat lunch and talk about what has been happening in your lives.

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5. Go to museums.

This may seem like something that is kind of boring, but if you or your friends are super passionate about something it may be fun to spend a day learning about that thing in a fun and interactive way. Over break I would really love to visit The Natural History Museum in NYC, as well as some of the many art museums the city has to offer because I am really interested in things like that. 

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6. Read the book you bought a year ago but haven't touched. 

I am so super guilty of doing this; I go on a crazy book-buying spree and buy a million books but then I don't read them because I am super busy and by the end of the day all I want to do is curl up in bed with some Netflix and a bag of popcorn. One of my goals over spring break is to read the two books I bought over winter break, because they seem really awesome and I will really feel like I accomplished something!

7. DIY spa day. 

Scroll though Pinterest and find every possible beauty DIY you can, then invite your friends over and have a fun and fresh spa day that will probably turn into a sleepover. Some ideas of what to look for on Pinterest are DIY face masks, DIY body scrubs and DIY lip scrubs. Here are a few recipes for face masks that you and your besties can try.

8. Treat yourself day. 

If you don't feel like having a day devoted to pampering yourself DIY style, you can gather your friends and have a treat yourself day. You can go shopping, get your nails done and even go to lunch, because let's be honest, you deserve it. 

9. DIY craft day. 

Instead of having a day devoted solely to DIY beauty tricks, you spend the day finally accomplishing all of the crafts and whatnot that you pinned in your DIY board about three years ago. You can try DIY clothing tricks, DIY school supplies, the possibilities are endless! Here is a super cool and easy DIY for old t-shirts that I actually really want to try.

I hope some of these ideas give you inspiration to have fun during your spring break by going on adventures and trying new things! I can't wait for spring break because I definitely plan to try some (if not all of these) myself and have an awesome week with my family and friends!

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Emma Lamperti -

Emma is currently studying English and Elementary Education at The College of New Jersey. She loves listening to music and writing, either separately or together, and hope to write some interesting articles that help other struggling college students make it to graduation! Instagram & Twitter: @em_lamps

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