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Jul 01 2016
by Emma Doherty

Why I Chose Random Roommates

By Emma Doherty - Jul 01 2016

College life is full of unknown. We as seniors spend practically the entire year waiting for unknown answers: will we get into our dream college? Will we pass our classes? Will we stay in touch with our bestie? Will we know what to major in? Many of these questions will be answered by the end of our senior year, but for some answers only time will tell. Many of my fellow freshmen are probably asking themselves why I would willingly subject myself to more anxiety of the unknown, yet again. But I will explain why I chose three random girls to share my freshmen experience with. 

I did not know many people from my high school attending the same university, the University of North Georgia, with me in the fall. I suffered from a lot of anxiety knowing that I will be going into a fairly large school knowing less people than I could count on one hand. I feared that I would be unable to make friends and that I would spend most of my college days alone studying in the library feeling sad for myself. With there being so many housing options now for upcoming freshmen including traditional, two-by-two suite style, one-by-one suite style and even apartment style, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get some much needed alone time. One of my biggest fears was where I was going to go when I'm having an anxiety attack. 

However, I did not let my fear and anxiety stop me from putting myself out there. So I created a profile on our university's roommate search page, which is the roommate edition of,  and patiently waited for what I thought would be the perfect roommate to message me and for everything to fall into place. However, that was not entirely the case. I received lots of messages from other girls wanting to be roommates and after being a bit picky I found three amazing girls who wanted to share a suite-style dorm with me. I chose the suite-style dorm because I knew that I had to put myself out there more. I do not want to live my entire life worried about when the next anxiety attack will strike. I also wanted a real freshman experience surrounded by my classmates, knowing that once I was an upperclassman I would probably opt for the apartment style living anyway then. It was a nerve wracking decision but college is all about pushing yourself and getting out of your comfort zone. I found myself overcome by anxiety but also so much excitement as we planned how we would make our dorm decorations perfectly Pinterest worthy. There was so much unknown yet again, but so many lessons to learn by sharing a living space with random girls.

We were all so different, which at first was a large concern of mine. I was worried that our lifestyles, study habits and sleep schedules would differ and put a damper on my freshman year. But what I learned is that it's all about respect. By simply talking out all of our problems, my roommates and I were able to create a way for us to make each other aware if we are sleeping, studying or simply outside of the dorm, so that any problems could be avoided. By opening yourself up to this new adventure and experience, especially if you are going into a school where you do not know that many people, you automatically have at least one other person to hang out with and potentially become friends with. So instead of going into school knowing a handful of other students, I have now doubled the number of people I know because now I am not only friends with my roommates, but also became friends with their friends, and so on! While of course the dream is to be best friends with your roomie, there is a likelihood that that may not happen. So by going into a random roommate assignment there is no pressure to be best friends. Although I must admit I love my roomies and am so glad we had found each other, because they aren't just random roommates to me! Even if your perfect roommate isn't out there yet you still have three more years to find them. 

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Emma Doherty - University of North Georgia

Emma Doherty is a nursing major at the University of North Georgia. Emma enjoys the outdoors, classic literature, music festivals and traveling. In her free time she can be found binge watching Netflix, writing or critiquing prose with a coffee or tea in hand at your nearest Starbuck's, or aspiring to be the next Galileo. Follow her on Instagram: doherty97

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