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Jun 22 2016
by Emma Doherty

The 6 Stages Of Emotions At Orientation

By Emma Doherty - Jun 22 2016

So you've graduated, and you've celebrated your graduation along with dozens of your other classmates graduation with backyard barbecues and pool parties. You think the stress of college may finally be over, but by the time you stop to take a breath from all the excitement of your high school graduation, you find that new freshmen orientation is right around the corner. A flood of emotions rushed through you and you feel as if you are about to enter the "Great Unknown" for new freshmen known as New Student Orientation.

1. Nervous

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It’s the night before orientation, the bags are packed, and the paperwork is (almost) completely filled out. Let’s face it, it’s quite a nerve-wracking event. A thousand questions run through your head as you try your best to get a good night’s sleep before the long day of orientation ahead of you. What if I don’t know anyone? What if my schedule is wrong? What if my roommate is crazy?

2. Overwhelmed

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You finally arrive at the school where you will hopefully be spending the next four years of your life and the only thing you’re feeling is overwhelmed. A swarm of orientation leaders flocks to you as you put one foot out of the car. They continue to hand you your orientation gear, papers, tee shirts, bags, water bottles and pens. Just enough to the point where you think you cannot possibly hold one more thing. Plus, the millions of informational sessions and lectures you are made to sit through, where each professor and administrator throws as much information including, financial aid, scholarships, dorm necessities, meal plans, all the things that can't possibly all fit inside your head is extremely stressful. You immediately think that if this is what freshmen year of college will be like you cannot handle it.

3. Bored

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In all honestly, no matter how much you love the school you’re about to attend, some of the lectures you are forced to sit through at orientation are just dreadful. Especially the financial aid lecture. At times you must even force yourself to stay awake and attentive because if the professors or orientation leaders catch you zoning out they will call you out in front of everyone.

4. Excited

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Somewhere between the forced ice-breakers and breakout sessions for each major you meet the one. You know the one who you could see yourself spending freshmen year by their side? The one shares the same hobbies, same dorm, eating habits, same sense of humor, maybe even the same major, the one who doesn’t take those intimidating professors and principals too seriously and the one who you’ve felt as if you’ve known your whole life even though you just met like literally five minutes ago.

5. Exhausted

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There comes a point in the day when you are suddenly overcome by exhaustion, and all you can think about doing is sleeping. The day of orientation is so jam packed with information sessions, ice-breakers, team building and bonding, your brain and body feel like they can no longer physically handle processing any new information and all you want to do is lay down and take a nap. This is especially true if your orientation is a two-day event where you sleepover in the dorms. You will be expected to wake up at approximately 7AM, and after sleeping in until at least 10AM all summer long, this is not a pleasant experience. Especially when the overly excited orientation leaders come knocking on every door as they sing wake up calls for each new freshmen.

6. Happy

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Once you have pushed your body passed the point of exhaustion, you come to the realization that the next four years of your life will be the best years of your life. You can finally picture yourself belonging at a campus, surrounded by like-minded people, doing all the things you enjoy, all while getting a great education and a degree in a field you love.

After all the feelings that the college process has brought you, from stress, to overwhelmedness, all the nerves, and excitement, orientation is so much fun, you may not even want to go home. You may not have feel the exact same emotions that other people feel while at orientation but after all your orientation and freshmen year are not just about the emotions, but they are what you make them out to be. So put yourself out there, take some chances, try some new things and always remember to study. 

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Emma Doherty - University of North Georgia

Emma Doherty is a nursing major at the University of North Georgia. Emma enjoys the outdoors, classic literature, music festivals and traveling. In her free time she can be found binge watching Netflix, writing or critiquing prose with a coffee or tea in hand at your nearest Starbuck's, or aspiring to be the next Galileo. Follow her on Instagram: doherty97

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