Many students receive packing lists prior to beginning college, but sometimes they leave out a few things. This list is designed to make juggling educational, social and personal responsibilities of busy freshman girls everywhere so much easier and less time consuming. 

1. Planner

Passion Planner

I know, I know, it's a planner, and it seems so middle school. But trust me on this: having a plan is the best possible way to manage a jam-packed school schedule, social life and extracurricular activities. As seen in the picture, you can even color code them based on the type of event, for example personal items like a dentist appointment would be one color, while your 8 A.M. chemistry class would be another and the ice cream social on Friday night would be another. 

2. Find My iPhone


This may be a cautionary "must have," but it could just end up saving you so much time, hassle and money if something does end up happening to your Mac or iPhone. Find My iPhone is an free app available in the app store, and it takes only about five minutes to set up so that incase your Apple device goes missing or is stolen, you can log onto Find My iPhone from the nearest computer and see the location of your device via GPS coordinates. This also is extremely helpful if your Mac or iPhone is stolen so that you can bring the Find My iPhone showing the coordinates of your device to the police and the police can assist you in locating your device. 

3. Water Bottle


I know what you're thinking, "Seriously? A water bottle? Are you my mother?" probably accompanied by an eye roll. But just trust me it is so, so, so important to stay hydrated. Especially with a lot on your plate as a freshman trying to make the most of the college experience, it is sometimes difficult to remember to get your eight glasses of water a day. But by simply having water bottle on hand you can avoid the miserable symptoms of dehydration that include tiredness, irritability, headaches, deliriousness, rapid heart beat and low blood pressure, which when all put together can potentially make you pass out. Who has time to be unconscious when you have so many other fun activities to do? 

4. Dry Shampoo


Many of the girls I talked to before writing this article already thought of dry shampoo as a must have. Dry shampoo can seriously save you so much time if you are like me and don't want to wash your hair everyday; just spray a bit of this product in your hair, brush it out and you are as good as new. Some dry shampoos even help volumize hair to give it a sexy, blown out look. 

5. Mini Tool Kit


Not only will you be able to fix every problem that could possibly arise in your dorm, but you will look like a total badass doing it. Nothing gives a girl more confidence that being able to handle her own problems, such as your bed frame becoming loose or when you need to replace the batteries in your calculator and need a screwdriver. Again, this is a cautionary product, but it always helps to be prepared. 

6. ID Holder and Lanyard

Vera Bradley 

Having an ID holder can save you a lot of time from digging in your purse or backpack trying to find your card in order to get into your dorm or pay for your meal at the dining hall. This super cute ID holder is from Vera Bradley. The matching lanyard makes it easy to pull out of your purse or backpack as well as carry around your neck when going from class to dorm, or dorm to dining hall. 

7. Protein Bars 


The freshmen 8 A.M. classes are sometimes inevitable. Getting to the dining hall super early may not be an option for you if, like me, are not a morning person. Keeping some protein bars in your backpack or in your dorm room can save you from having to get up extra early to get to the dining hall, or from being that one awkward kid in class with the grumbling stomach.  

8. Pony Dry 

Beauty Desk

Many people have not heard of the Pony Dry, but I am telling you that this will be the next big thing. The pony dry is basically a sleeve that you put on your ponytail so that when you shower you only have to wash your roots. This can help save time styling it, as well as protect the ends of your hair from damage by over shampooing.

9. Noise Cancelling Headphones


Having a good pair can help you enhance your workout at the gym, accompany you on your walk back from class or drown out your roommate's snoring or poor choices in music as you try to study. If you are going to a school far away, a good pair of headphones can make the plane ride a little more enjoyable. 

10. Vitamins

Flintstones Vitamins

I'm being such a mom here, I know it, but sometimes you may not be getting enough nutrients from those dining hall dinners. Especially during finals week when you are eating, breathing and definitely not sleeping, with extra caffeine in your veins, you probably aren't eating as best as you should be. But taking vitamins doesn't have to be so boring and adult-like! Flintstones Gummies can bring you back to your childhood all while providing you with vitamins A, B, C, D, E, calcium and zinc. 

11. Mini Sewing Kit


Another total mom product. Trust me on this, we all have those moments we least expect: leggings ripping right before we go out or the lace of a dress tearing right before the formal. If it doesn't happen to you be grateful, but also be prepared and generous because it can happen to someone you know, and you might just end up being their saving grace. 

12. Portable Charger


This one is kind of a no brainer product, but instead of your phone dying while walking home from a night out with friends (which can be utterly terrifying) your phone can have a back up charge. Never let the fear of your phone dying keep you from doing something again! 

13. Ear Plugs and Sleeping Mask 

Bundle Monster

Ah, the comfort of a good night's sleep. Adjusting to sleeping with another person in the room can be difficult, especially if they snore, or simply have a different sleep schedule than you. But worry no more, by simply purchasing a sleeping mask and some ear plugs you can get your beauty rest and be ready for those early classes. 

College can be overwhelming, so I hope these products can help take some of the stress off of being a busy freshman gal. The majority of these products can be bought on Amazon for less than $20! So not only will these products help your life, but they also won't hurt your bank account either.

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