Graduating high school and starting college entails a lot of goodbyes: Goodbye to your hometown, goodbye to your beloved high school organizations, goodbye to your childhood friends ... and perhaps the toughest of them all, goodbye to your parents. Yet there are still a few more months before you head off to college — a few more months to spend time, celebrate and reminisce with your parents.

To make the most out of your summer, here are seven things to do with your parents before you leave for college.

1. Go to the zoo.

Who could forget the memories of hot, long days at the zoo, peering at koalas and gazing up at giraffes while your parents stopped you from jumping into the exhibits? Heading to the zoo is a sweet childhood throwback and a nice opportunity to converse with your parents about your childhood mischief and fascinations.

2. Complete a jigsaw puzzle.

Solving a puzzle with your parents is a fun way to not only work together, but to also bond and relax with them. Plus, the feeling of satisfaction when you finish the puzzle with them will be incredible!

3. Shop for dorm room necessities.

Buying dorm room essentials with your parents is a meaningful way to connect your family to your college home. It’ll be especially touching when you’re homesick a few days or weeks into college — the dorm furniture you buy will remind you of your parents when you’re missing them.

4. Take a walk around your neighborhood.

Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that are the most meaningful. A walk around your neighborhood with your parents is the ideal way to talk face-to-face and enjoy each other’s company. It’s peaceful, natural and personal.

5. Picnic at an outdoor concert.

There are plenty of cheap outdoor concerts offered in the summer, so grab your parents, a large blanket and some homemade food, and be ready to have a blast. Nothing beats enjoying the music with your loved ones while having a nice picnic.

6. Look through old photo albums.

Pulling out your photo albums is the perfect way to reminisce on memories with your family. What's better than sitting on a couch with your parents as you flip through old photos and laugh until your stomach is hurting?

7. Thank them.

Your parents have supported and loved you through so much, so always remember to show your appreciation for them. Hug your parents, thank them and tell them that you will always love them.

So what are you waiting for? Start checking things off of this list to create unforgettable memories with your parents this summer. And most importantly, don’t forget to cherish your time with them — it’s truly priceless. 

Lead Image Credit: Pexels