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Jun 24 2018
by Emily McKeon

Top 6 Hair Trends for Summer 2018

By Emily McKeon - Jun 24 2018

Remember the red craze of 2017? You can say au revoir to that trend because yellow and lavender are having their moment. From fashion runways to the streets, these colors are popping up everywhere. However, these are probably the colors most people tend to shy away from when it comes to their hair. According to the experts at Elle, Cosmopolitan, Byrdie, Redbook and Good Housekeeping, here are the top hair trends for summer 2018!

1. All Natural is All In.


You know those lush curls you have been straightening since the leaves started to fall? Time to unleash them. This summer will see tons of curls freely bouncing down the street. Don’t have curls? Free your natural hair! The more natural, the better. A look that can be paired with your natural hair is the soft high pony. No need for any sprays or mousses!

2. Get Your Beach On.


Summer is all about that beach look: sun-kissed skin and feet in the sand. The epitome of this look is the beachy waves with those flowing, slightly tousled locks. To achieve this look without needing to hit the beach, salt sprays do the same job. Just a few spritzes and you’ll have gorgeous textured hair ready for the day. Looking to dye your hair? Pairing this look with a dirty blonde or lavender dye job can do wonders this summer.

3. Throw it Back to Grade School Days.


Remember those messy braids you sported? Oh boy, are they coming back full force. Another messy style that is sure to be your go-to this summer is the double bound ponytail, perfect for those hot and humid days. You can also try twisted hair tucks for a more sophisticated yet simple look. These are the absolutely perfect lazy day hairstyles.

4. Pin Back All Your Little Troubles.


The hottest accessory this summer straight from the 90s? Believe it or not, but barrettes are here to stay for the season. The runway saw tons of sophisticated, simple and deja vu-worthy hair accessories that harkened back to the beautiful days of plaid and mom jeans. Whether you are hitting the beach and need a break from hair in your face or just simply need a quick look, barrettes are the perfect accessory. Thinking of rocking a natural ponytail? Wrap a bow around your hair elastic to add a stylish flair.

5. Explore the Shorter Lifestyle.


The bob is always a popular hairstyle during the warmer seasons. So what is the 2018 twist on this classic? Fringe is all the rave, especially face framing bangs. The trick to making this work is long bangs, slightly grazing right below the eyebrows. Plus, wispy fringe will help keep the heat away. If you’re not feeling the imperfect bob, the blunt cut is always a great alternative and still pairs well with the long bangs!

6. The Best Statement Piece: Hair Bands.


Why separate hair bands from other accessories? They are quickly becoming the top statement pieces. Not only are hair bands perfect for preventing oil transfer from skin to hair, but they are runway approved for your trendy outfits. The zig-zag hair band that popped up during the fashion season is sure to make appearances across the country this summer. Don’t have a hair band on hand? Use your own hair! Accent and halo braids are perfect for keeping hair out of your face.

The key theme this summer: simple. It will be all about the lazy, I-woke-up-like-this look. In other words, perfect for college students! Keep it simple yet trendy this summer.

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Emily McKeon - Drexel University

Emily is an English student at Drexel University. She has written for CollegeXpress, Spoon University, the Triangle, and currently edits for MAYA Literary Magazine as well as here at FreshU. Follow her on Twitter @mckeon_emily!

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