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Jul 05 2017
by Emily McKeon

10 Fun Facts About Drexel University

By Emily McKeon - Jul 05 2017

Drexel University is a private research university located in the bustling, vibrant city of Philadelphia. With world class restaurants, museums, theaters, the Philadelphia Zoo and so much more all at the university’s doorstep, one must ask: Could it get any better? Here are 10 fun facts about the ever-growing Drexel University.

1. It’s growing year by year.

Drexel University has a total student body of 24,232. That’s larger than most state schools, including the University of Virginia and Syracuse University. Undergraduates make up 15,499 of the total number, while there are 8,733 graduate students and 4,868 online students. This number gets bigger with each passing year!

2. You too can shoot for the stars at Drexel.

Among the successful alumni to graduate from Drexel are astronauts James P. Bagian (‘73), Christopher Ferguson (‘84), Paul W. Richards (‘87) and Patricia Robertson (‘89). One of the founding fathers of the Internet, Paul Baran, and the inventor of the barcode technology, Norman Joseph Woodland, graduated in 1949 and 1947, respectively.

3. Best eats around!

With the likes of Shake Shack, Wahoo’s Tacos, White Dog Cafe, Chick-Fil-A, Jersey Mike’s, Johnny Rocket’s, Landmark Americana, Sabrina’s Cafe, Subway, Saxbys and, of course, Starbucks, as well as the countless cheesesteak joints, have fun running away from the freshman 15.

4. The law school is like Hogwarts.

Drexel’s Thomas R. Kline School of Law has its students split into four groups, and the names could not fit any more Philly pride into them: The Athenaeum, the Liberty Bell, the Hill-Physick House and, cue the trumpets, the Rocky Statue.

5. The Drexel co-op is older than sliced bread.

Drexel began its cooperative education program in 1919. Then Betty White was born in 1922. Then sliced bread was invented in 1928. All three are still going strong to this day.

6. Once upon a time, Drexel partnered with Apple.

In 1984, the year Macintosh was born, Michael Hagerty, Drexel’s president, required students to have microcomputers. Through partnering with Apple, students could receive Macintoshes at a discounted price. This led to higher student enrollment as well!

7. The Philadelphia Zoo is five minutes away.

Need a break from studying? Go stare and coo at a baby gorilla for an hour and you’ll be good to go.

8. Drexel’s mascot is a dragon.

If Drexel was not sounding enough like Hogwarts, here is another little fact. The origin of the mascot comes from the school paper proclaiming that the athletes fight like dragons. Ever since then, Mario the Dragon has been flying around campus.

9. Let's meet at Mario.

About that dragon with the same name as the Italian plumber. There’s a statue dedicated to the mascot located at 33rd and Market streets. Incoming freshmen take pictures with the statue, and four years later, the graduates take a picture with the beloved Mario.

10. Last but not least: Insomnia Cookies.

Located on 3400 Lancaster Avenue (only a whopping two-minute walk from campus), Insomnia Cookies is the greatest thing to ever come to Philadelphia. They are probably one of the top reasons I came to Drexel. Just kidding on that last bit (not).

With an entire city to explore, Drexel has so much to offer!

Lead Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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Emily McKeon - Drexel University

Emily is an English student at Drexel University. She has written for CollegeXpress, Spoon University, the Triangle, and currently edits for MAYA Literary Magazine as well as here at FreshU. Follow her on Twitter @mckeon_emily!

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