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Mar 01 2017
by Emily Luc

The 11 Stages of the Quarter System

By Emily Luc - Mar 01 2017

College is hard no matter what, but being on the quarter system is especially difficult. You essentially have 10 weeks to cram a whole bunch of new information into your brain, whereas your semester system counterparts have 15 — plus a whole week off to study for finals. Sure, there are perks, like getting to experience a wider variety of classes and dealing with classes you hate for a shorter amount of time, but is it really worth the struggle? Here's the breakdown of what each week in the quarter system is actually like.

Week 1

The first week of the quarter you tell yourself that you're really going to get your life together this time around. You make a plan to eat healthily, sleep early, exercise daily and study meticulously...

Week 2

...which lasts until you're invited to your first party of the quarter. Hey, at least you tried, right? And in the wise words of Fergie, a little party never killed nobody.

Week 3

After two short weeks of freedom, you realize that midterms are coming up soon...and that you should probably start studying.

Week 4

But first, you have to mope about how unfair it is that your semester system friends don't even start midterms until your quarter is basically almost over.

Week 5

You have three midterms this week and you realize you don't actually know anything. Time to cram five weeks of knowledge into your brain in less than five hours.

Week 6

You just finished your first round of midterms, but your second round is approaching faster than the speed of light. How is it even possible to learn 500 textbook pages worth of subject material in just a few weeks?

Week 7

You haven't slept in 72 hours and your bloodstream is basically 100 percent caffeine by now, but you're fine, really.

Week 8

By week eight, most people have finished all their midterms for the quarter and are now either celebrating good scores or wallowing in self-pity. But either way, you can't take a break for too long — finals are approaching.

Week 9

According to your calculations, you only need 138 percent on the final to get an A in the class. Guess you'll be moving into the library.

Week 10

You can't actually remember anything you've learned in the past 10 weeks, but you do know the exact amount of caffeine you can drink before you die. Hopefully that'll be an extra credit question on one of your finals.

Week 11 (Finals Week)

As soon as you turn in your last final you rid your brain of everything you've learned this past quarter. You also promise yourself that next quarter, you'll ACTUALLY get your life together.

Good luck to my fellow quarter system survivors as finals week quickly approaches! Have fun crying — I mean studying.

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Emily Luc -

Emily is a freshman at the University of California, Davis double-majoring in Psychology and Sociology. When she's not busy juggling classes, club meetings, and internships, you can usually find her binge-watching TV shows or taking a nap.

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