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May 12 2017
by Emily Luc

Pros and Cons of Going to School Close to Home

By Emily Luc - May 12 2017

One of the biggest deciding factors for students when choosing a college to attend is the distance from home. Some people prefer to go far from home for more independence, but if you're like me, you'd rather stay closer to home. I go to school less than two hours away from my hometown, so it's possible for me to go home every weekend if I wanted to. These are a few of the pros and cons I've experienced in my first year of college.

Pro: It's a short and easy drive home if you're ever feeling homesick or under the weather.

People who go to school far from home can only go home during long breaks, and transportation costs really add up. On the other hand, I'm lucky to be able to go home every weekend if I really wanted to. After hearing my long-distance friends' horror stories about waiting hours for their delayed flights, I realized that it's so much easier and more convenient to be able to just hop in a car and go home.

Con: You'll start to take the proximity to home for granted.

As the year progressed, I found myself going home less and less often, even though the opportunity was always there. I started to consider going home as more of a chore than a luxury because I could do it anytime I wanted. Whenever my long-distance friends go home, it's exciting, but for me, going home is just another weekend activity.

Pro: You'll save a ton of money on transportation costs.

While your friends far from home are shelling out big bucks for a plane ticket every time they want to go home, all you have to do is call your parents to pick you up or take a bus! With college already being ridiculously expensive, anytime you can save money is a plus.

Con: Your college experience won't be very different from your high school experience.

Because your school is so close to home, many of your fellow students will also be from your area. Most likely, a lot of people from your high school go to the same college as you. This makes it hard "reinvent" yourself and have a unique college experience, but it's not impossible! As cliché as it sounds, your college experience depends on what you make of it.

Pro: You'll get to see your friends and family more often.

One of the hardest parts of going away for college is leaving your friends and family behind, but if you go to a school close to home, you'll get to see them pretty often. You won't get to see them as much as you did when you lived at home, but every few weeks is still better than once or twice a year.

No matter how far your school is from your home, there will always be pros and cons. Make the best of your proximity or distance by calling your friends and family at home as much as possible and visiting often if you're able to. 

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Emily Luc -

Emily is a freshman at the University of California, Davis double-majoring in Psychology and Sociology. When she's not busy juggling classes, club meetings, and internships, you can usually find her binge-watching TV shows or taking a nap.

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