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Feb 12 2017
by Emily Luc

8 Pros and Cons of Having an Opposite Sex Best Friend

By Emily Luc - Feb 12 2017

A good friend is hard to find and they come in all different shapes, sizes and genders. Having a best friend is great, but having a best friend who's the opposite sex can be even better. The two of you will be different enough to keep life interesting, but you'll still be able to bond over shared interests, dating woes and the overall craziness of life. However, there are also inevitable problems such as certain different interests, overprotectiveness and relationship drama. Here are some pros and cons of having a best friend of the opposite sex.

1. Pro: They give good relationship advice. 

Depending on who you're interested in, having a best friend of the opposite sex can be helpful when it comes to relationship advice. Guys generally know a lot about other guys and vice versa. Even if your best friend isn't the best at dishing out relationship advice, hanging out with him/her long enough should give you a sneak peek of what your crushes are like when you're not around.

2. Con: They never approve of your romantic interests. 

As a girl with an overly protective guy best friend, I can attest that it's much harder to find someone that your friend actually approves of. Even though you know they are probably right and they just want the best for you, it can get frustrating when they nitpick every single person you're ever interested in because "they just aren't good enough for you."

3. Pro: You'll be introduced to new interests and activities.

Typically, girls and guys are interested in different things — not to say that girls can't do everything guys can do and vice versa. Still, you and your best friend are bound to have different interests and you can take this opportunity to introduce each other to new things that the two of you probably wouldn't have experienced otherwise. Bonus points if you find something new that you're both interested in and can try it together!

4. Con: Girls'/boys' nights will happen much less frequently.

Sometimes you'll just want to hang out with your girls/boys, but having an opposite sex best friend means that they will want to hang out with your other friends, too. Although girls'/boys' nights don't have to become extinct, they'll probably become much less frequent as you hang out with your best friend more and more.

5. Pro: They'll introduce you to new people — especially their single friends.

Having a best friend of the opposite sex means hey have a lot of friends also of the opposite sex and they will most likely introduce you to all of them. Maybe you'll meet "the one" and all three of you can go on awkward third-wheel dates together (or not). 

6. Con: Your single friends will ask you to introduce them to your best friend.

All you want is for your best friend to find someone that makes them happy, but does it have to be one of your other friends? They'll inevitably invite you to hang out with them because you did introduce them after all, but no one likes to be the awkward third wheel.

7. Pro: They will be willing to help you out in an awkward situation.

Whether it be running into your ex or being stuck in a conversation with a stranger who's seemingly oblivious to your signals of disinterest, your opposite sex best friend is always willing to pretend to be your significant other to get you out of an awkward situation as quickly as possible. 

8. Con: People always think the two of you are dating.

It's happened to everyone — you're just hanging out with your male/female friend and someone asks you if he/she is your boyfriend/girlfriend — no space in between. It not only makes things awkward, it can also limit your dating prospects if people who would otherwise be interested in you think you're already taken. It's 2017, and girls and guys CAN love each other without being IN love.

No matter what gender your best friend is, they are still your best friend and they love you unconditionally. Now go find your favorite person, give them a hug and tell them how much you love them too.

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Emily Luc -

Emily is a freshman at the University of California, Davis double-majoring in Psychology and Sociology. When she's not busy juggling classes, club meetings, and internships, you can usually find her binge-watching TV shows or taking a nap.

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