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Apr 01 2017
by Emily Luc

10 Tell-Tale Signs That You're a College Extrovert

By Emily Luc - Apr 01 2017

An extrovert is defined as someone who is outgoing and socially confident. They're friendly and hardworking and have a lot to show for it, but often dismissed as too loud or too bossy. By nature, extroverts are very open and assertive, but this doesn't necessarily mean that they're bossy. However, extroverts do often take on leadership roles and responsibilities, which isn't easy. Here are 10 qualities of an extrovert in college.

1. Your door is always open.

Extroverts are very friendly and outgoing people, so it is natural for them to want to meet all their floormates. Keeping your dorm door open is the easiest way to make new friends in college, especially during those first few weeks. But for extroverts, their door stays open long after the novelty of move-in week has worn off, simply because they like to say hi and make small talk with everyone who passes by.

2. You're busy all the time.

You're very much a people person, and you feel energized after socializing all day — which is why you joined all the clubs and extracurriculars that would fit into your schedule. Between classes, club meetings and your packed social life, you hardly ever have any free time, just the way you like it.

3. You ace every job interview.

You don't really understand when some of your friends panic before their job interviews because you hardly ever feel nervous at all. Extroverts are naturally charismatic, and they tend to get along with everyone, whether it be their peers or future employers. It doesn't guarantee that you got the job, but it certainly doesn't hurt to get along with your potential boss.

4. You have a huge circle of friends.

You see familiar faces everywhere you go! Extroverts are naturally friendly people and get along with pretty much everyone they meet, so it's no surprise that your social circle is so big. This means you'll always have a study buddy, a gym buddy or someone to borrow notes from if you miss a lecture. Having friends who understand the stress you're under in college can also help lessen your worries!

5. You relax by going out.

After a long day of school, work and other responsibilities, extroverts like to relax by going out with friends, whereas introverts prefer to spend time alone. You're most likely the social butterfly of your group, always making plans and encouraging your more introverted friends to go out more.

6. Most of your friends are introverts.

The saying "opposites attract" couldn't be more true in this situation. Extroverts are drawn to more introverted people because their personalities are so different that they complement each other quite well. They also have a lot to teach each other — extroverts encourage their introverted friends to go out more and have a good time, whereas introverts remind extroverts that it's still important to stay in and relax every once in a while. 

7. You get restless doing nothing.

You don't understand how some of your friends enjoy lying around all day doing nothing because you feel like you always need something to do. Even if you have a free day, you're likely to make plans or get ahead on schoolwork so you can feel more productive.

8. People feel comfortable around you.

There's hardly ever an awkward silence when you're around because you're the master of small talk. It's easy for you to make friends, and you seem to make a new friend everywhere you go. You make other people feel comfortable being around you, even if you've just met them for the first time. 

9. You're a great storyteller.

Being an extrovert, you've had a lot of experiences that deserve to be retold. Your life is a very interesting one and you have a lot of stories to tell. Instead of keeping a daily journal or diary, you relive your experiences by conveying them verbally to your friends. You also love to hear other people's stories, so a conversation with you is never boring.

10. You're always willing to try new things.

Extroverts love meeting new people and having new experiences, and they're always down to hang out with their friends if they're not busy. More often than not, they're the ones organizing the hangout and researching new activities that all their friends can try as a group. You're the life of the party!

Whether you're an extrovert, introvert or ambivert, remember that it's important to have balance in your life. It's important to have fun, but also take the time to just relax and take care of yourself. 

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Emily Luc -

Emily is a freshman at the University of California, Davis double-majoring in Psychology and Sociology. When she's not busy juggling classes, club meetings, and internships, you can usually find her binge-watching TV shows or taking a nap.

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