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Dec 17 2017
by Emily Levitt

How To Stay Awake During Finals by Staying Away from Coffee

By Emily Levitt - Dec 17 2017

As a lover and advocate of coffee, it can be hard to pass up a hot cup of Joe when you need that last kick of caffeine to finish your work for the day. This is extremely relevant during the long, dreaded and tiring last week of the semester: finals. There are so many ways to replace your cup of coffee with something else that will give you the same amount of energy to get through the week. Here are some tips to stay awake during finals week and finish those last few exams without coffee as your study partner. 

1. Study in a group.

Studying for hours by yourself can be boring and tiring, and that is when you resort to the cup of coffee. Reach out to the person you sit next to in Statistics or Psychology and ask to study with them. Being in a group will not only liven up your study time without needing coffee, but will give you new study buddies. 

2. Choose a bottle of water over a cup of coffee.

Choosing a bottle of something that legit tastes like cold air over a hot cup of sweet french vanilla roast may seem hard, but it will help in the long run. Having a nice cold bottle of water with you during a study sessions instead of coffee will keep you hydrated and healthy during the week of finals. 

3. Exercise!

I know not everyone wants to go to the gym during finals week, but a quick run or a few jumping jacks can speed up your heart rate and get your adrenaline pumping. This can ultimately give you the energy to keep studying and ace your finals!

4. Use the coffee house playlist on Spotify. 

Spotify thankfully has this amazing playlist called "Your Favorite Coffee House" which is filled with plenty of chill, motivating and upbeat songs that can replace the real cup of coffee you might be craving. Music can definitely bring energy into your study session and make it less boring and of course less quiet. 

There are only so many trips to the closest Starbucks you can make in a day during finals week. Replacing your Starbucks run with an actual run might just help keep your energy high. Making flashcards with friends instead of secluding yourself in a cubicle at the library might enhance your study time. There are so many other ways to liven up your study time during finals rather than chugging a cup of coffee to then crash later in the night. Even though I love coffee and will need a lot during the next week, I will definitely be trying out these tips and I hope you do too. Good luck!

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Emily Levitt - Pennsylvania State University

Emily is a Freshman at Penn State, studying AD/PR with a love for fashion, coffee, and Netflix! Her writing will have a wide range of topics, hope you enjoy! Follow her instagram @emilyylevitt

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