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Nov 19 2017
by Emily Levitt

A College Student's Anticipation for Thanksgiving Break As Told By Stranger Things

By Emily Levitt - Nov 19 2017

As college students are about to go home for Thanksgiving break, there are many things to be thankful for. These range from a home cooked meal to spending time with your family or binge watching a new Netflix series with your friends. Thanksgiving break is a time to unwind and forget about the stress of college. There couldn't be a more perfect Netflix series to explain how every college student is feeling about this upcoming break than Stranger Things. 

Stranger Things is all the rave now that season two has finally come out. I binge watched the first and second seasons within a week and I'm not ashamed of it. Eleven, who is a young girl with powers beyond words, makes friends with the boys in her town after running away from a lab where she was used for experiments. Together, they try to save their small town in Indiana from the Demogorgons that have gotten loose from the labs. Although Stranger Things sounds like a crazy and complex series (which it is), it couldn't have a more relatable group of friends. Here are a few things that every college student is anticipating during the break, as told by one of my favorite, and one of the world's favorite, Netflix series: Stranger Things.

1. Food from Your Hometown 

There is always that one food place you have been craving ever since you left home: your local pizza place, ice cream shop or deli. I have a plan of all the food places I am going to hit as soon as I get home and I bet you do too. If you live in the New York or New Jersey area, you know how seriously bagels are taken. Catch me running out of my local bagel store holding bags on bags of bagels like Eleven with her Eggo waffles. 

2. Sleeping in Your Bed at Home

Don't get me wrong, I've learned to love my bed here at college but there is nothing better than sleeping in as late as you want during the break in your own bed, in your own room. Every college student is waiting to finally have the week off from their classes and not have to worry about setting an alarm to wake up. My alarm clock definitely won't be waking me up from my bed this break like Hopper's alarm clock is. 

3. Reuniting with Friends

Being away from your best friends for months is extremely hard. All college students are excited to be reunited with their friends and share the insane amounts of saved snapchats, crazy stories and pictures with them. Whenever my friends and I are together there isn't a single quiet moment. We are always laughing, screaming or dancing together like Nancy and Steve. Nothing beats sitting around the dining room table with all of your best friends until 2 a.m., just talking and eating midnight waffles or bagels like my friends and I always do.

4. A Home-Cooked Meal 

College students are bored of the same meals that are served in the dining halls over and over again. Everyone is craving a nice home made meal, and I know I am too. When I go home, I am looking forward to a nice home cooked meal that I will dive into like Mike at the dinner table. Being surrounded by good people with good food is one of the best things anyone can ask for, and I'm so lucky to be going home to that this weekend. 

5. Family Time

I miss my family so much, and I know everyone else does too. It's okay to want a hug from your parents once in a while or some good advice from your siblings that you know you don't always want to hear. That's what the break is all about! I can already picture how crazy, dysfunctional but hilarious everyone is going to be on Thanksgiving day; I honestly can't wait. Gossiping with my sisters about the wild nights at college, helping my mom cook dinner or watching a new Curb episode with my dad, these are just some of the things I am looking forward to doing with my whole family. The whole gang is going to be back in action during Thanksgiving break, just like Eleven and her friends after they were separated for a while.

Being on your own in college is of course fun, but sometimes you just need a little bit of home to feel complete. Thanksgiving break is the perfect time for us college students to indulge in the many things we have been looking forward to. There are plenty of activities, food and time spent in your bed or watching Stranger Things on your laptop to be excited for. But the most important thing to remember this break is to be thankful for the long hours spent in your comfortable bed, many food trips you will make and family time this break. Happy Thanksgiving!

Lead Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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Emily Levitt - Pennsylvania State University

Emily is a Freshman at Penn State, studying AD/PR with a love for fashion, coffee, and Netflix! Her writing will have a wide range of topics, hope you enjoy! Follow her instagram @emilyylevitt

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