Sweatcoin is an app that claims to pay you to walk. After trying the app for a week, I found it to be very interesting. I'm here to answer the question: is it worth it? 


There are definitely mixed reviews. Some people are upset because it only works with certain version apple watches and also doesn’t work on other qualified smart watches. Some say it only counts ½ or ⅓ of the daily steps. Also, it looks like the money you earn can only be spent in the online store that they have; you can’t cash out the money to your bank account.

Signing Up: 

You enter your name, then allow the app to track your motion activity. You can enter it to track you on GPS to verify those steps and then enter your phone number and enter the code that the app sent you. Enter and verify your email, then you're ready to walk! Overall, the signup process was easy. You just let Sweatcoin access your health data and then move into the app. 

Prizes and Offers: 

You can watch a long ad to get a Sweatcoin bonus every day. The first day, it's one Sweatcoin. The following day, it's two. Then the final day, it's four and the pattern repeats that way. There are daily offers that are pretty cool but there seems to be some sort of con with all of them, which is that you have to pay shipping or it's only a one-time discount of something you have to subscribe to. 

You can upgrade your membership with a cost per month and this means you can earn more coins per day. The free membership caps off at 5.00 per day and 150.00 per month. You can upgrade and pay with Sweatcoins per month… so 4.75SC per month gets you to be able to earn 10.00 per day and 300/month. All the way up to 30SC a month for 20.00 per day and 600.00 per month. I ended up upgrading to the lowest tier, which I felt was necessary because I was exceeding the free tier by about 4,000 steps a day so I was losing out on a lot of coins

Once you earn 20,000 Sweatcoins, it says you can redeem for $1,000 cash. Then there’s the option to get the iPhone XS for 20,000SC as well. I’m not sure how legit it is, but it would take a year and a half to save up to, even with the highest membership.

It lets you feature your products on Sweatcoin if you’re a business, so that’s really cool! And the options they offer are all viable and I think the daily store updates are done regularly, so you always have different choices to spend your coin on. Let’s see how the actual walking and earning goes!

Testing the App: 

Right off the bat, I noticed that the algorithm is flawed. About 60-65% of your daily steps are counted towards actual Sweatcoin, and that is a little frustrating. However, they claim this in their FAQ's, so it's not a total mystery. 

I average 4,588 steps per day and noticed when I left my phone at home, the steps on my Apple Watch would not be counted unless I carried my phone on me. 

On my final day of using the app, I earned 4,278 steps. However, it only counted 2,574 steps towards Sweatcoins, which was worth 2.55 coins. 

The interface is overall pretty easy to use and very self-explanatory. The prizes are interesting and update daily or every couple of days. I haven't redeemed my coins for anything yet, even though I have 107.32. I think saving that up for something super cool in the future is worth it. 

You can also become an ambassador by inviting friends and you can also buy some products with invites alone. 


I do wish the algorithm was improved, but that's really my only critique. I think the app offers a variety of products on a regular basis and the idea is really interesting.

The battery life is something I've noticed. My phone dies a lot faster when Sweatcoin runs in the background, but it can't track my steps unless it's running. 

Overall, this app is great for active people and college students constantly going from class to class. The prizes are great and you can invest in whatever you want whenever you want, since the coins never expire. Even the upgrades don't cost real money, just the coins you earn. It can be a cool way to track progress and even meet some fitness goals while getting some sort of compensation. If you're skeptical, I'd say it's worth a shot. It's completely free to download and sign up, and I think you'd be pleasantly surprised! 

Lead Image Credit: Pexels