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Aug 03 2016
by Emily Badgett

Not Clinton, Not Trump - Maybe Stein?

By Emily Badgett - Aug 03 2016
Bernie officially dropped out of the race for President with nominating Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Ticket. The DNC was all about unity, but many Bernie Sanders are still grieving the loss of their leader. Bernie Sanders supporters are struggling to make a choice between Clinton or Trump. Should Sanders supporters pick the establishment that they have spent the past year rebelling against and kill their dreams of a political revolution? Or should they go against their faithful leader and beliefs and vote for Trump just so they can go against the establishment Hillary represents? For some, the solution is simple (easily joining Hillary’s or Trump’s campaign), but for others the decision become an internal battle. But there is an option where they don’t have to chose between the lesser of two evils. The right choice for former Bernie Supporters may lie within Dr. Jill Stein.

The lack of political experience, like Donald Trump, is not something that Jill Stein has to worry about. This isn’t her first rodeo; in 2012 she ran for President on the Green Party’s Ticket. In 2002, she ran against Mitt Romney for Massachusetts Governor. Stein is the actual first women to hold the most votes for president. Thought Stein has not won any of these election she has been working behind-the-scenes. She has worked for several nonprofits to gain awareness for environmental protection and fair campaign laws. She also holds several records and preserves to make a difference for the world, but she could soon hold the record for first female President.

This year Stein is running for the Green Party. Before she was fighting for people’s rights, she was saving their lives. As a Harvard educated physician, she spent 25 years practicing medicine and several others teaching for her alma mater’s medical school. Stein may be the female version of Bernie Sanders.

Not only does Stein share the same religious beliefs as Sanders, her platform is almost identical to Bernie Sanders. She calls her plan the "Power to the People Plan." Her platform focuses on gaining equality overall. Like Bernie Sanders, Stein is for free public college, free healthcare, livable wage, Criminal Justice Reform, protection of women and LGBTQA+. Since she is the Green Party’s candidate, her primary issues are global warming and other climate issues, while she has also supported campaign finance reform.

Dr. Jill Stein combines the female empowerment of Hillary Clinton, platform of Bernie Sanders and the perseverance of Donald Trump. Now the Bernie Supporters can vote the first female president without sacrificing their morals or submitting to the two party establishment. 

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