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Oct 05 2015
by Emily Perry

Tips: How To Survive Family Weekend

By Emily Perry - Oct 05 2015

It's officially October, so bring on the football, the fall breaks, and the oh-so-dreaded weekend when parents are invited onto campus. As freshman, our parents are much more inclined to visit. That inclination is tripled if you are an only child, like myself. Below is a list of things to do in order to make this weekend one to remember (in a good way).

1. Clean - but DO NOT stress about it 

Before my parents got to the college, I made sure to clean my room. Our parents worry so much about our well being, because often, they think back onto what they did during college. It will ease the weekend a lot if they can see that your living space is relatively clean and neat. But, when you clean, don't censor yourself—don't try to change everything back to how it would have been had you still been at home. College is a time of growth, and parents should recognize this.

2. Show them around! 

Often times, our parents' only impression of campus is this distant memory of a tour they took with you sometime during the college search process. Show them your favorite places to study or simply take them on your habitual morning walk to class. 

3. Take them out!

Then, take them through the city to see your favorite places to eat, hang out, or whatever! And of course, take them to a home sports game. On our campus, parents' weekend coincided with a home football game, which lead to an amazing bonding time in a low-stress environment. 

4. Run Errands

Okay, so this seems like a no-brainer, but Parents' Weekend is the best time to go get groceries or some things you'd like for your dorm. You'll have extra hands to carry the larger items, and a wallet besides your own to cover the cost!

College and graduate school are where parents transition from a direct support system to friends (who are still responsible for your well being). Don't fight this transition, and remember that all they want is what is best for you, and that might present itself in ways that we are not necessarily used to.

The weekend with my parents was honestly wonderful. I dreaded it for so long, but after it was all over, I was grateful to be able to see them and I was happy to have been able to share this experience with the people that care most about me.

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Emily Perry - Rhodes College

Emily is a Russian Studies major at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN. She loves film, literature, and the US National Park Service. Emily has been writing for Fresh U since June of 2014 and has served as both a web editor and a social media editor. Outside of Fresh U, she volunteers with the YMCA Center for Civic Engagement and is involved with her sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi.

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