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Dec 01 2015
by Emily Perry

An Open Letter to the Best Friends that Feel Replaced

By Emily Perry - Dec 01 2015

Hey Best Friend, 

First of all, college is wonderful and I'm so happy we are staying in touch as much as we are. Whenever your name pops up on my phone, my heart is instantly warmed. That being said, it's only natural for everyone to make new friends. I know it's scary, and I know it might feel like you've been replaced, but I promise you haven't. And I'll prove it to you.

Remember the first time we saw each other over Thanksgiving break, and we were able to catch up in .02 seconds and move on as if no time had passed? That's such a special feeling and ability and I wouldn't want to be able to experience if with anyone else but you. 

I'm sorry that it hurts when I talk about having new friends, but no one could ever compare to the bond that we have, especially not in this short of a time span. I love you and nothing could change that. I know that you hate buttons on sleeves, and all your favorite songs. I have a key to your house, and I'm pretty sure half of my worldly possessions are kept at your house. I call your mom, "mom," because I see her more than I do my own. This bond can't be broken by three months apart, and I doubt this bond will ever be broken, no matter how far apart we are geographically. 

I guess I'm writing to tell you that I love you with all my heart, best friend, and I'll never replace you or even come close. 

It's hard for me, too, seeing you with your new friends wherever you might be. I'm supposed to be the one by your side having adventures and making memories. But we will always have summers, best friend, so I try not to be too sad at you having fun without me there.  Come back home, soon. Don't forget me and don't ever feel like I've forgotten you, because you're on my mind all the time. 


Your Best Friend

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Emily Perry - Rhodes College

Emily is a Russian Studies major at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN. She loves film, literature, and the US National Park Service. Emily has been writing for Fresh U since June of 2014 and has served as both a web editor and a social media editor. Outside of Fresh U, she volunteers with the YMCA Center for Civic Engagement and is involved with her sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi.

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