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Oct 22 2015
by Emily Perry

8 Things Freshmen From Tennessee Are Tired of Hearing

By Emily Perry - Oct 22 2015

1. Yes, I KNOW I have an accent.

Please stop asking me to repeat myself so you can hear my accent again. Better yet, please stop telling me I have an accent, because to me and my friends back home, nothing about the way we talk sounds out of the ordinary. Yes, I say "warsh," can we move on now?

2. Don't assume that because I'm from Tennessee, that I'm from Nashville.

To all my non-southern peers, Nashville isn't the only city in Tennessee, and it isn't even the largest city! Please stop acting like all people from Tennessee are either from the sticks, or they're from Nashville. 

3. I don't automatically love country music.

Don't get me wrong, country music is a huge reason why Nashville grew like it did in size and popularity. Country music isn't bad per se, but artists like Luke Bryan and Florida-Georgia Line aren't a catch-all for Tennesseans. 

4. Sweet Tea, BBQ, and Hot Chicken

I feel so sorry for the kids that went to college in the North, because they will never understand the joys of adequately sweetened tea, good Memphis BBQ, and Nashville Hot Chicken. I honestly don't know how you guys live without it, because it'd be torture for me. 

5. "Bless your Heart" Isn't a compliment.

If you ever hear this come out of my mouth, take offense, because that's how it is meant. 

6. I don't wear cowboy boots everywhere.

Now, I know it's an easy thing to do and seems like a good idea at the time, but please don't come knocking on my door at the first sign of needing cowboy boots for a themed frat party, because I am not your girl. 

(Pro tip: if you find yourself in Nashville, only the tourists wear cowboy boots around the city)

7. The Tristar

It might not make much sense to out-of-state students, but the Tennessee Tristar is such a huge badge of pride, and all Tennesseans wear it with honor.  Obviously it's the best state symbol, so why not put it on everything?

8. This isn't every Tennessean

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Emily Perry - Rhodes College

Emily is a Russian Studies major at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN. She loves film, literature, and the US National Park Service. Emily has been writing for Fresh U since June of 2014 and has served as both a web editor and a social media editor. Outside of Fresh U, she volunteers with the YMCA Center for Civic Engagement and is involved with her sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi.

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