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Feb 05 2016
by Emily Perry

14 Things That Happen When You're In Class With Your BFF

By Emily Perry - Feb 05 2016

1. You (try to) walk to class together.

2. You sit next to each other.

3. You cry when the seat next to them is taken.

4. You text each other during class.


5. And accidentally let out a chuckle when they send something funny.

6. You give each other weird looks that you think no one will notice.

7. Someone notices.

8. You cover for each other when one decides to skip.

9. The prof. assumes you're an expert on the other's whereabouts.

10. You let them know when to shut their mouth.

11. You wake them up when they nod off.

12. You are super supportive during presentations.

13. You (try to) study for exams together.

14. You don't really learn much, oops.

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Emily Perry - Rhodes College

Emily is a Russian Studies major at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN. She loves film, literature, and the US National Park Service. Emily has been writing for Fresh U since June of 2014 and has served as both a web editor and a social media editor. Outside of Fresh U, she volunteers with the YMCA Center for Civic Engagement and is involved with her sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi.

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