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Feb 01 2017
by Em Brandon

Here's Our Perfect De-Stressing and Winding Down Playlist for February 2017

By Em Brandon - Feb 01 2017
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It's a known fact that music has an effect on your mood. With the stress of school, most college students need a calming playlist every once and a while, whether it's for homework time or to just relax. These 10 songs range from completely mellow to fun and upbeat, but they're all perfect for relaxing. 

1. "Bloom" by The Paper Kites

Bloom is the perfect song to listen to if you’re driving around town and you want to feel like you’re in a movie. It’s a bit repetitive, so it’s easy to sing along to. Best of all, the guitar and melodies that make up the song are relaxing, making it an essential addition to this playlist.

2. "The District Sleeps Alone Tonight" by The Postal Service

This mellow track is a little on the sadder side, with lyrics like "I am a visitor here," and "I am not permanent." That being said, it speeds up in the chorus, so it’s not overwhelmingly depressing. Overall, it’s a good song to play in the background while you study or take a nap.

3. "Taxi Cab" by Vampire Weekend

This song starts out with a fun beat and immediate lyrics. The mix of violin and piano chords are what sells the song as a whole. While it’s not a song you’ll be able to dance to with your friends, it’s perfect for chilling.

4. "In the Sun" by She & Him

This is one of the most upbeat jams in this playlist, if not the most upbeat. Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward sing happy lyrics like “It’s alright, it’s okay” with a fast beat in the background. It’s a fun song to listen to while doing some cleaning.

5. "Postcards From Italy" by Beirut

Postcards From Italy is a cute song to listen to when Valentine’s Day rolls around. It has romantic lyrics like “And I will love to see that day / That day is mine / When she will marry me outside with the willow trees” and the music in the background consists of trumpets and a ukulele, so it instantly puts you in a bubbly mood.

6. "Love on the Weekend" by John Mayer

John Mayer, king of love songs, recently released a new EP. If you like his older work, this song is right up your alley. This is another perfect song for Valentine’s Day. The lyrics “You've been working and I've been waiting / To pick you up and take you from this place” are especially cute to me, because who wouldn’t want their significant other to take them on a lovely vacation for the weekend? The music itself is slow but upbeat, very fitting for the lyrics.

7. "Smoke Signals" by Phoebe Bridgers

Smoke Signals is another slow jam. It’s probably one of the more solemn songs, so if you’re in one of “those” moods (we all get them), this song is for you. Because of its slowness, this one makes me sleepy, so I’d suggest it for days when you’re resting up.

8. "Blue Healer" by Birdtalker

This is one of my favorite songs to drive around and sing to when I’ve had a rough day. The lyrics are cathartic, but the tune is also soothing. Whether you need to sing it out or just listen to a song about accepting occasional sadness, this song is helpful.

9. "Into the Ether" by Leif Vollebekk

Into the Ether is a slower song, making it calming. There’s a solid beat behind soothing vocals singing poetic lyrics. This song is one of my favorites to listen to while I’m drinking tea and finishing some late night homework.

10. "Revolution (feat First Aid Kit)" by Van William

This is one of my favorite songs to play while I’m doing homework. It’s one of the most upbeat breakup songs I’ve ever heard, with happier lyrics and a fast beat, and it’s easy to sing along to while studying. 

Here's to hoping for a relaxing and productive February, full of fun and relaxing music. 

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