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Feb 18 2017
by Em Brandon

8 Little Things To Do When Your Roommate Is Having A Bad Day

By Em Brandon - Feb 18 2017

We all know college is stressful — classes are difficult, homework is time consuming and we still want to have some idea of what a social life is like. That being said, it can all be overwhelming sometimes. If your roommate is burnt out because of life, then there are always a few things that are sure to help them, even just a little. 

1. Make their favorite food. 

Comfort food comes in all shapes and forms — just find their favorite and you’re set. My roommates stick to macaroni and cheese and nachos when life gets stressful.

2. Act kindly.

This is a personal favorite. My drawer is full of sticky notes I should be using to study but instead, I love to use them to write sweet notes to put around the house. If your roommate is having a tough time, try decorating his/her space with thoughtful little notes to brighten his/her day.

3. Send heartfelt texts.

Sometimes we can’t be with our roommates when they struggle and in these cases, a supportive and meaningful text just might be the way to go. A simple “everything is going to be okay!” could go a lot farther than you might think.

4. Run errands for them. 

If your roommate isn’t feeling well, chances are he/she doesn't want to make a run to the grocery store for the shampoo he/she just ran out of. Making a quick trip could relieve a lot of his/her stress.

5. Clean up. 

Whatever shared space you have with your roommates, try to tidy it up. Pick up whatever is thrown on the ground (like that hoodie of yours that’s been there since November). Grab a vacuum, a broom and some Clorox wipes and get to work. Not only will the cleanness de-stress your roommate, but it’s a good thing for you, too!

6. Give a gift. 

While gifts can’t make the world less scary, a nice pair of fuzzy socks can make it easier to conquer whatever it is that’s going on. Target’s dollar section is perfect for little heartfelt trinkets. From uplifting banners to warm hats, the options are endless.

7. Talk it out with them.

Being a good roommate also means being a good friend. Put away your devices and books for 15 minutes and spend quality time listening. It’s a perfect way to show support, no matter what the stressor is.

So if your roommate just got a bad grade or is in a fight with his/her significant other, don't feel overwhelmed and confused on what to do. In the end, it's the little things that count! Make a snack, show you care and simply be there for him/her. We all go through rough times, so it's best that we all support each other through them.

Lead Image Credit: Pexels

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