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Feb 10 2017
by Em Brandon

The 10 Best Ways To Spend Valentine's Day With Your Friends

By Em Brandon - Feb 10 2017

While Valentine's Day is often associated with significant others and romantic love, friendships are just as important while in college. This upcoming holiday, students are planning on treating their friends to a nice night full of friendly love. 

1. Girls Night Out

“Somewhere along the line, Valentine's day turned from a day to let everyone you love know you loved them to a day for couples. I think that ‘Galentine’s’ day is just as important as the actual holiday. This year most of my friends are away from their significant others, so I’m trying to make it as fun as possible. I planned a night where we’re making or going to a nice dinner, followed by 50 Shades and ending the night with our favorite wine, face masks and Carrie Underwood karaoke.” — Rachel Griswell, University of Nebraska at Omaha

2. Keeping it Simple

“I like to think the holiday celebrates all relationships, romantic and platonic. I have a Galentine's Day planned with my sorority with waffles, banners and roses. Aside from that, my best friend Jessi and I will probably either go out to eat or cook a really nice dinner and spend the evening together. We like to keep things really simple and just spend time with each other. Binge watching shows together is one of our favorite pastimes. We are currently watching Good Girls Revolt on Amazon Prime together. We love the story line about empowering women journalists, seeing as that is what we are both studying here.” — Morgan Keith, University of Missouri

3. Tuesday Dinner

“I am going to drive to Walmart, pick up some stir fry ingredients, and make dinner for my friends this Valentine’s Day. Since our club (dorm) can’t turn up on a Tuesday, I figured dinner would be nice.” — Seth Wiesen, University of Nebraska at Omaha

4. Anti-Valentine's Day Gift

“I decided to do some little Valentine's Day presents for my roommate because she's 'forever single' (as she puts it) and I wanted her to feel included and loved. I made her a little embroidery with a funny Wanda Sykes quote 'Men aren't dogs... dogs are loyal,' for a funny, kind of anti-Valentine's Day feel. I also bought her a little Forget-Me-Not flower growing kit from my campus bookshop to represent our friendship and a few pieces of chocolate since, well, it's Valentine's Day.” — Mia Renee Cole, UNC Chapel Hill

5. Movie Date

“I am going to take my friends to the movies and pay for their ticket to see the movie. I also am going to buy them chocolate because every girl loves chocolate.” — Alexis Thieman, University of Nebraska at Omaha

6. Reason for Kindness

“I always love excuses to do fun stuff for my friends. I go pretty all out most holidays! For Valentine's day this year I am planning on making some cards and baking for my friends. It's nice because it's super cheap because I am ballin' on a budget but it's still a good little present or pick-me-up.” — Bryn Estlund, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

7. Valentine's Birthday

“My older brother’s birthday is on Valentine's day, so I'll send him a box of chocolate saying happy birthday. Then I’ll send all of my close friends snapchats just to say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day.’” — Roy Fernandez, University of Nebraska at Omaha

8. Day-After Chocolate

“I'm planning on going to the store with my roommates the day after Valentine's Day, when the chocolate is cheap, and then we're going to stay in and watch movies and drink cheap wine together to celebrate the love in our friendship.” — Elizabeth Godinez, University of Kansas

9. Surprise Treat

“Valentine's day is a day that we think about love and being in a relationship but this Valentine's Day, I am going to show my friends the love I have for them. We are going to go to the movies but I have a surprise for them. I am giving them all chocolate and on the inside of the wrapper it has little sayings that will make their day.” — Kahner Woods, University of Nebraska at Omaha

10. Thinking About Friends

“On Valentine's Day you don't normally think about your friends, but on this Valentine's Day my friends and I are going to go to the movies and I am going to buy them popcorn and a drink and some candy.” — Carissa Tharp, Peru State

If you're feeling lonely come February 14th, don't forget that romantic love isn't the only love out there. Meet up with friends, and show them how much you care. 

Lead Image Credit: Mia Renee Cole via Instagram 

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