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Jul 10 2017
by Ellie Harrison

15 Reasons Having A Sister Two Years Older Is The Best

By Ellie Harrison - Jul 10 2017
As most people can attest to, families are full of pretty interesting dynamics. I have three sisters and we all have different relationships, but the one that's the weirdest is the one my older sister (two years older) and I have. It's amazing, it's crazy and it's a rollercoaster. Here are 15 reasons I love our age gap.

1. Stealing clothes.

While this may lead to some arguments about whose skirt is whose and who wore it better, it's undoubtedly a perk. I 100 percent have some of my sister's clothes in my closet, and she is never going to get them back.

2. Close age range = hitting phases at the same time.

My sister and I somehow always managed to go through phases of our growth at the same time. Wearing neon? Same time. Plaid? Same time. Listening to weird dance music? Same time. Even growth spurts ... must be genetics.

3. Getting mistaken for twins.

While this drove me and my sister NUTS as kids, we embrace it now. It means that I get to go into all the same places she does, and she can hang out with my friends and pretend she's younger. 

4. She somehow has the advice of a wise old sage.

This phenomenon still baffles me, but my sister always has advice that comes from a place of deep knowing, despite not having the same experiences at all. I could be having a problem with something she has never dealt with before and she will have the solution that works. It's true magic. 

5. Three words: In. Home. Tutor.

Probably one of the more useful things on this list, whenever you need academic help, she's there, she's smart and she's free of charge. Whenever I need math help or want someone to proofread a paper, she's the best tutor I can get. 

6. Having no boundaries.

It happens. 

We shared a room when we were younger and now we always get put in the same bed while on vacation. We went to the same school for 11 years. Nothing is off limits anymore. 

7. Having your own chauffeur. 

The best day of my sophomore year was when my sister got her driver's license. Not only did we look super cool because we didn't take the bus, but she also took me shopping and took me to get coffee. We have had some great conversations and Disney sing-alongs in that car.

8. Having someone to go to concerts and movies with.

It's the best buddy system. And no other people that don't live with you to drop off/pick up!

9. Always having someone by your side.

Even if I'm in the wrong, she stands by me and helps me work through the problem. 

(On one occasion she even offered to fight someone for me.)

10. Knowing each other's habits.

Well, after being in the same house for almost 16 years, you learn a few things ...

11. Which means having impressive gift giving skills.

Somehow, you just know what she wants. Other people may see it as scary, but it's a truly magical talent that you share.

12. Having conversations without saying a single word.

... and when you saw Marshall and Lily have telepathic conversations on HIMYM, you looked at each other and probably said, "That's literally us," at the same time. 

13. Any significant others (or even other siblings) become your third wheel.

No relationship can top the bond you two share, and anyone you bring home is immediately intimidated by it. It's a fact. 

14. Having a best friend.

My sister and I got into screaming matches as kids and could never be in the same room with each other for more than five minutes before a fight broke out. Now, I can't think of anyone else I'd want to hang out with. 

15. She's your hero.

No, there's no fun cape or shield, but she does everything and more for you. She's one incredible woman. Heck, she's your wonder woman. Between going to all your performances and games and cheering you on, listening to you whenever you have a problem and need to rant, being the first to hug you after a heartbreak AND watching terrible reality TV shows with you, she somehow has the time to get her work done and be her own person. It's ridiculously impressive. 

And with that, I can come to the solid conclusion that I have really lucked out in the sibling department. My sister is the best and I can't imagine my life without her. 

Sisters are the best. End of story.

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Ellie Harrison - Barnard College

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