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Sep 10 2017
by Elizabeth Robinson

The Best Places to Study on the UT Austin Campus

By Elizabeth Robinson - Sep 10 2017

Libraries are great places to study, but they aren't always an option. Overcrowding during finals week, the inability to study in groups or even just being too far away can all hinder your study experience. But that's why UT Austin incorporates comfy, convenient study spots all over campus. You just need to know where to look. For instance, this map is a great way to find the buildings listed below!

Group Study:

Finding a good spot to study in as a group can be a difficult task, especially when competing for reserved rooms to practice your final group presentation in. Luckily, there are plenty of spots on campus where you won't have to worry about neighbors or librarians hushing you and your rowdy study-buddies.

The Flawn Academic Center (FAC)

Elizabeth Robinson

The FAC is where students typically go to get their student ID or vote, but it's also a great spot for group studying. There's always a rumble of talking in the background, plenty of comfortable seats and electrical outlets galore. 

Welch Hall

Unfortunately, half of Welch Hall is currently closed for renovation, taking away some options but not all of them! In the white-tile half of Welch, there are plenty of rooms lined from wall to wall with whiteboards, projectors, tables and outlets. These rooms sometimes hold classes or clubs, so you may not be allowed in at certain times, but I've studied with friends in some of these rooms late into the night. Note: Sometimes later in the evening, one of the doors will be locked but not the other.

Kinsolving's Gallery of Great Texas Women

It may seem counter-intuitive to work where you eat, but this is actually a great spot for group study especially if you live on north campus. There are plenty of long, wooden tables, and each one connects to a wall outlet. If you want more privacy, go when the dining hall is closed or visit the side of Kinsolving's Gallery opposite the dining hall. But if you'd like a place where you're free to be as loud as you wish, with occasional soothing piano in the background, this is your spot!

The Belo Center for New Media (BMC)

There aren't as many tables available here, but each one is connected to a couple of outlets and not normally thought of as a study-spot. Each one of Belo's floors has a couple of good tables for studying, so be sure to check them all out!

A reserved room at the Union (UNB)

Use this website to reserve a room at the Union or any library that offers group study rooms. At the Union, every study room comes with several outlets, a central table, whiteboards and a TV with an HDMI cord. Book the room well in advance unless you want the room at 7 a.m.

Outside the Hackerman Building (NHB) 

Elizabeth Robinson
Elizabeth Robinson

If you walk up 24th street where it intersects with Speedway, you'll notice a nice, new-looking building with plenty of oddly-shaped chairs and tables outside. That is the Hackerman building, and while the building itself isn't normally accessible to undergraduates, the patio outside with all those chairs is!

Quiet/Personal study:

Roommate talking on the phone long into the night? Rowdy neighbors? Or just no dorms or libraries nearby? There are still plenty of study spots you can visit between classes or when you're strapped to find some peace and quiet.

The University Teaching Center (UTC)

Elizabeth Robinson

I don't know if it's because it's right next to PCL or because it's not a very pretty building, but most of the UTC's numerous indoor study spots are completely empty every time I walk in. All around each floor are plenty of tables and private desks to sit at, and all for the taking if you're on east campus.

 The Student Activity Center (SAC)/College of Liberal Arts (CLA) sky bridge

Elizabeth Robinson

This bridge, located on the fifth floor of the SAC connecting to the fourth floor of the CLA, is normally very quiet. There are several desks and chairs overlooking a beautiful view of east campus, and people rarely pass by or make noise. Additionally, the CLA side has some nice, plush seats to lounge in. 

The Engineering Teaching Center (ETC)

Not to be confused with the newly-constructed EER. The ETC is hard to miss, as it stands right behind that giant orange statue and a set of hammocks. The ETC's first floor has plenty of usually-quiet study rooms, booths and tables. All, of course, complete with electrical outlets. 

Gregory Gym (GRE)

Elizabeth Robinson

What? The gym? Yes, the gym. Gregory Gym has several tables on its ground and bottom floors where you can get a lot of work done. Not all of them have outlets, but it's great if you like having a little bit of white noise in the background while you work. If you're feeling like lounging, the carpeted bleachers outside the central racquetball court are normally deserted. 

The Gates Dell Computer Science Building (GDC)

The first floor is somewhat loud, but up each flight of stairs, you'll find quieter and quieter study lounges. Once again, complete with outlets. They're technically for computer science majors only, but no one will ask for your ID!

The Moddy College of Communications (CMA)

The ground floor of the CMA is littered with private and group desks, each with its own outlet. The entry room is normally very quiet, and is convenient for any students in northwest campus.

The Gallery of Texas Cultures (Jester West)

Elizabeth Robinson

This is the room near J2 that has numerous flags hanging from the ceiling. While the room isn't required to have silence, it's normally quite empty, and a great alternative to the Longhorn Lounge downstairs if you're looking for more quiet or elbow room. Be warned, though, that there is a piano in there!

If you've been hard-pressed to find a good spot to study at UT Austin, you haven't been looking hard enough! The 40 acres are loaded to the teeth with private, public, quiet and noisy lounges and nooks just waiting for a tired student to pay a visit. 

Lead Image Credit: Elizabeth Robinson 

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