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Mar 09 2017
by Elizabeth Robinson

How to Make a Spring Break Road Trip Bearable

By Elizabeth Robinson - Mar 09 2017

My family used to take a road trip from Houston to Los Angeles every other summer. They were always really fun and exciting...on the first day. By the third day, we were all asking the famed "are we there yet?" However, these experiences have enlightened me to several ways to make those last few days of road tripping bearable for you this spring break!

1. Take turns/flip coins to see who picks the next restaurant.

The longer your road trip is, the harder it will be to compromise on every place you stop for food. So we can solve this like civilized people: take turns picking the restaurant or flip a coin to see who gets to pick the only restaurant you stop at? Still a dispute? You can use anonymous polling sites like so that everyone can vote for every restaurant they would be definitely OK/not OK with going to. 

2. When you stop, get some exercise.

You're going to feel tired and sluggish when you first get out of the car, but that's all the more reason to stretch your legs! Your body will thank you in a few minutes. A cranky body makes for a cranky car-mate and a bad road trip. 

3. Download songs, podcasts, audiobooks and episodes ahead of time

There will be times when you're driving through the middle of no where, so guess what: no streaming. Not only that, but your normal radio FM stations will change as you move from city to city, so you won't even have your normal tunes to fall back on. Just download music and other media on wifi before you get on the road, and then you're good to go!

4. For goodness sake, bring your headphones.

I can't even begin to count how many fights have started in the car because someone was tired of listening to the Les Mis soundtrack or couldn't stand another episode of Full House or another rerun of the Goblet of Fire (we're a family of diverse tastes). But nowadays, everyone can listen to their own media on their own phones, provided that everyone has comfortable headphones to bring! No more fighting over what to watch or listen to.

5. Look up a list of road trip games/songs.

Don't want your road trip to just be everyone on their phones? No problem! You can look up all kinds of non-electronic party games to get the conversation rolling. My personal favorite is a game where everyone takes turns adding a sentence onto a verbal story, but every sentence has to start with the next letter of the alphabet. 

6. Bring a pillow/blanket so you can sleep in the car seat

If you get car sick or just plain tired, you're going to want to sleep. And it's easier to do that if you have something soft to rest your head on. 

7. Pack snacks and/or drinks.

Use this power wisely, lest ye need extra pit stops. But you also don't want to be desperately hungry while stuck in the middle of unexpected traffic or in a little dirt town that has nothing but an Arby's. 

Road trips are fun for the first few hours, but they can continue to be fun if you come prepared and with the right tools at your disposal. 

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Elizabeth Robinson - University of Texas at Austin

I'm a sophomore at UT Austin majoring in Dean's Biology. I've loved writing since elementary school and published my first novel in high school. I love reading, writing (obviously), foreign languages, doggos, martial arts, anthropology, theater, and watching far too much YouTube. I dream of being a fiction author and geneticist after graduate school, hopefully combining my two loves to change the world. Follow me on Twitter @MetokaPublishi1, Instagram as BlackPage13, or (best option) visit my website,!

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