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Dec 17 2016
by Elizabeth Robinson

5 Conversations You Will Have with Your High School Friends over Break

By Elizabeth Robinson - Dec 17 2016

You and all your friends from high school are all finally home for the break and hoping to hang out and catch up. Here are a few of the conversations you are guaranteed to have in the next few weeks.

1. Trying to coordinate plans.

"We should totally hang out together over break!"
"Great! Anytime after I get back from vacation on the 27th is great for me."
"...I leave on vacation the 28th. I don't get back until the day before classes start."
"What time is your flight?"
"8 AM"
"Ok, see you at my house at 1 AM on the 28th."

Everyone is going on vacations at different times, often planned months in advance. It can be a huge pain to try and find a time when everyone can hang out together, but hang in there! 

2. Talking about dating.

"Did you get an significant other?"
If yes: "You are way out of their league."
If no: "Good, because I found the perfect person for you."

We all expect to start some serious dating in college, so it's no surprise that your friends are curious. Winter break with old friends is one of the best times to seek advice and share juicy details. 

3. Trying to remember high school (and failing).

"What was our junior-year economics teacher's name again?"
"I don't know. I didn't take economics."
"I sat next to you in economics..."
"Nope. Don't remember a thing."
"You wrote your college essay about that class..."
"Doesn't ring a bell."
"You swore you would name your firstborn after the teacher!"
"I think I would remember something like that."

My, how quickly we forget. You might have had to memorize the periodic table in college, but now you find it difficult to remember names and class schedules. Occasionally, you'll come across a friend who insists that they never took a particular class...even if you sat next to them in it. 

4. Figuring out Christmas presents.

"We should decide what we all want to get each other for Christmas."
"I can't really afford anything..."
"That's OK, we can do a Secret Santa so we each only have to buy one gift."
"We could set the price limit at $1."
"I dunno...."
"How about we send each other memes for Christmas?"
"Sounds good!"

College textbooks are not cheap. In fact, they've become my family's price gauge ("That TV is worth two textbooks..."). Needless to say, the combination of school supplies, tuition, food shopping and recreation can take a heavy toll on your wallet, meaning you may have to tone down the Christmas presents this year. 

5. Finals comparison contest.

"Ugh, my finals were the worst."
"Oh really? I had six finals."
"I had four, but they were all on the same day."
"Well all of my finals were on my birthday and none were multiple choice."
"Well my finals were held in a room without chairs. We had to sit on the floor."
"We had to take our Civil Engineering finals on the fifth floor."
"That doesn't sound so bad."
"There were only three floors. We had to build the other two."

Complaining is one of my favorite pastimes, so comparing finals is one of my favorite ways to catch up with old friends and learn how school works at other colleges. If you had it easier than others, then you can be thankful. If you had it worse...well, at least you won the contest. 

It happens to all of us and should be considered an inseparable part of the college experience. Enjoy time with your high school friends while you can this holiday season! 

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