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Feb 25 2018
by Eleanor Bock

12 Things Legally Blonde Taught Me About College

By Eleanor Bock - Feb 25 2018

Elle Woods is the hero we all need but don't deserve. If you're currently in your "Elle post-breakup with Warner" stage and haven't yet reached your "Elle comeback" stage, this article is for you. Many think Legally Blonde is just your average RomCom with a lot of pink, but it's so much more than that.

Here are some of the major lessons I learned from Legally Blonde:

1. Work hard for yourself, not for anyone else.

Elle originally pursues Harvard because of Warner. However, along the way she finds herself and works hard for herself. Work hard for yourself and you will achieve satisfaction and success.

2. School before romance.

Instead of obsessing over Frat-star Chad and the fact that he invited someone else to his frat formal, focus on your studies and self improvement. Life's too short to cry over boys.

3. Sexism from male peers and professors is very real, and girls need to stick together.

There are professors like Callahan out there. Professors and other male students can be sexist and, at times, inappropriate. Stand up for yourself and stick up for other women.

4. Fake it till you make it.

Elle radiates confidence. Determination, hard work and confidence will breed success 100% of the time.

5. Don't judge someone's intellect by the way they look.

You will meet all different types of people in college. Don't judge someone's intellect based on their race, gender or ability (or hair color!).

6. Cliques don't end in high school.

There are mean girls in college. Stand up for yourself and find your own group that makes you feel confident and happy.

7. You'll see your ex and his new girlfriend...and it might be awkward.

If he's like Warner, you're lucky to be out of that relationship. Try not to get jealous and focus on your own happiness.

8. Don't be afraid to show your personality to your professors.

Professors and employers love flair. Don't be afraid to incorporate your own personal style into your work. It will get you noticed. Maybe a scented resume isn't your style, but your personality will go a long way in showing your passion and dedication.

9. The lines at campus bookstores are really long.

They're also incredibly expensive. Look on Amazon or other third-party sellers to rent books for a much cheaper price.

10. It'll be awesome when you finally get that big internship.

Nothing feels better than your first major win in college. Like Elle, don't lose yourself in your new job and always remain true to your morals. 

11. College is about working hard AND having fun.

Everyone needs time to have fun and release stress. It's important to do things that you enjoy with friends that you like.

12. And finally...

You can do anything you set your heart to. Elle shows us that even if you get lost along the way you will always find your true calling.

Legally Blonde depicts some aspects of college life incredibly well. Elle Woods is a feminist icon and the lessons of Legally Blonde should resonate with all of us. Legally Blonde is so much more than a feel-good RomCom. It's about friendship, self-determination and girl power. Let's all channel our inner Elle Woods.

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