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Mar 25 2016
by Elaine Lu

An Open Letter to My Post-Freshman Self

By Elaine Lu - Mar 25 2016

Dear Post Freshman Year E,

This is a letter to remember times when I tried to define my comfort zone. Fun pranks, weird situations, events to look back on. Unusual memories that make me laugh. A lot happened this year, and since I’m afraid I will forget the small things – maybe not now but in the years ahead – here are few highlights.

First semester

1. Remember when making small talk at breakfast was routine?

2. Remember when you would go to class early, then wish you hadn’t gotten there so early?

3. Remember when you dropped pasta on the floor twice in the same day because you missed your plate? 

4. Remember when you wanted to see what upperclassmen dorms were like, but since you didn’t have card access, slipped into the elevator behind a guy who lived there and pretended you did too?

5. Remember when you got a 10/10 Uber driver, and kicked off the conversation asking how old he was?

Second Semester

6. Remember when your Residential Advisor put up new name tags for everyone on the floor and you switched all of them?

7. Remember when you borrowed the stripe 11 ball from the pool table for a week? #yourewelcome

8. Remember when you and friends laid on the floor of our dorm entrance after dinner because we all couldn’t make it up the stairs?

9. Remember when it was raining outside ... and you and a friend decided to find a way to get on the roof?

10. Remember Saturday night movie nights in the lounge?

11. Remember starting a bucket list for the next three years?

Two Final Thoughts

First, I hope I complete that list if I still have it by the time I graduate. Either way, I probably will keep doing things on impulse, to give other people something to think about, and to give myself something to remember. 

Second, I'm more self-conscious than I want to be. So I think that moving forward, if everything I want to be capable of is outside of my current comfort zone, perhaps I should start by expanding what I feel comfortable with and get creative while at it. 

Best Wishes,

Present E

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Elaine Lu - Rhode Island School of Design

Elaine is originally from california, now studying in providence. You can also find her @starbucks @peetscoffee @universityave OR @eelainelu on twitter and instagram!

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