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Nov 06 2015
by Elaine Lu

Identifying Your Potential Best Friends

By Elaine Lu - Nov 06 2015
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The question of identifying those whom you enjoy the company of and are willing to spend time with after meeting them is often not asked. On a college campus, you are exposed to many different types of people on an every day basis. These people come and go, and you recognize some familiar faces, but most of the time you head in your own direction and them in theirs. Sometimes, you relate these faces to those with similar people from your high school.

The last month of senior year, for me at least, passed very quickly. It was a time for the class of 2015 to take note of what we had, and the people around us who we may not see again for a while. It was a special time. It was also when I realized that my best friends there may not ever be replaced. As cliché as the statement sounds, it is very much real. C’est la vie.

At different times in our lives, we gain and lose different types of friends. Routinely, those friends are gained through shared experiences. These people are in the same situation as you, who live in your dorm or are in your classes are most likely to welcome another face. We are all aware that there is also a multitude of options and opportunities to what you can join in college. Just know that whatever activity you chose to join or seminar you plan to attend, you don’t necessarily have to be driven by passion but more so by curiosity. That is where you will find yourself beside talented peers with common interests. Know also that you can apply for a part-time job and, if it is on campus, be able to make connections with coworkers, occasionally run into them on your way to work, and always will be able to start a conversation with them. Go to sports games and visit other campus events where there will be even more new faces. Attend activities when invited. Hang out with new groups. Visit the hotspots on campus, and also the quiet ones. Learn! Explore! Try new things, but also do small things.

For two months, I have been living at my new home away from home while friends are scattered around the country. Being here, I’ve learned that a lot of students hope to return to where they came from, especially those from big cities. Of course, there are also those who are here just to escape their hometowns. But just like the highly unpredictable nature and unidentifiable group of decision-makers in the college application selection committee, so is determining where we will end up in our professional careers in the not so far future.

In any event, wherever you are, you will find different friends at different times and in different situations. Given a point in time, your best friend may be the one that walks out with you from your first college party. Or the one you talk to after arriving back at your dorm. Maybe the one you stay up all night with to study for a midterm. The one you can sit with in comfortable silence.

I know I made incredible friends in high school. Our shared experiences are unparalleled and will be always remembered. I hope you have, too. I know that I have made some extremely dedicated and talented people in college as well. It may be difficult to predict who your closest college friends will be, but you may not need to. In the end, what I can say is this: your best friends are the ones who want to know what your future is like, and who you share parts of that future with. Cheers.

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Elaine Lu - Rhode Island School of Design

Elaine is originally from california, now studying in providence. You can also find her @starbucks @peetscoffee @universityave OR @eelainelu on twitter and instagram!

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