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Feb 22 2016
by Elaine Lu

8 Life-changing Twitter Follows

By Elaine Lu - Feb 22 2016


8 twitter follows to supplement your college life + daily life with snarky humor, extreme pessimism, fun mockery, and accurate reflections of real life situations. Let's not take ourselves too seriously. We're all dust soon anyway.

1. so sad today @sosadtoday 

on the surface: a fun, hilarious, pessimistic (yet strangely optimistic) account, composed of relatable tweets that describe situations in daily life

more deeply: reflection of a "desire to connect with others in an essential way, underneath the social, professional and cultural masks i feel i must wear in the world so as to be perceived as okay" (Melissa,

2. i feel like @heyifeellike

on the surface: epitome of a carefree student

more deeply: surely what we all feel like at at least a couple points in our days, maybe wishful thinking for what we wish our days were like, and overall an evaluation of awkward, crazy, embarrassing, wonderful situations on social media and irl.

3. Poor College Kid @PoorCollegeKid_

on the surface: the average college student

more deeply: outlet for laughs, nods of agreement, and economic living while our futures, bright as they will be, are being invested in. dolla dolla bill y'all.

4. NYT Minus Context @NYTMinusContext

on the surface: text taken verbatim from New York Times content

more deeply: playing with language can lead to an amalgamation of surprisingly fun excerpts, some intelligent statements, some silly statements, and blurbs about life.

5. Conan O'Brien @ConanOBrien

on the surface: "The voice of the people. Sorry, people" (Conan O'Brien, twitter bio)

more deeply: great ideas and snarky humor brought to you from sunny los angeles, including humorous comments on current events if anyone wants to keep up with the voices of their own.

6. Every Tweet Ever @EveryTweet_Ever

on the surface: everything about everything trending

more deeply: let's say twitter is a discussion forum of a rotating list of big trending topics, so to add to the creativity of the twitter lists, here is a news + comments source on everything already seen or will be seen on twitter, written by @Chris Serico, entertainment/features reporter for

7. KANYE WEST @kanyewest

on the surface: unfinished sentences...

more deeply: the stream of consciousness of an artist who tries to challenge the status quo, including a collection of passing thoughts and what ifs and wishes and hopes and calls to action.

8. Jordan Schlansky @jordanschlansky

on the surface: Conan O'Brien's sometimes-present sidekick

more deeply: #realtalk brought to you by the one who knows something about everything 

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Elaine Lu - Rhode Island School of Design

Elaine is originally from california, now studying in providence. You can also find her @starbucks @peetscoffee @universityave OR @eelainelu on twitter and instagram!

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