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Jan 03 2016
by Elaina Berkowitz

The Top 8 U.S. Journalism Schools

By Elaina Berkowitz - Jan 03 2016

8. University of Georgia

This large, suburban school has a successful journalism program in their Grady College. University of Georgia is somewhat selective in their application process and accept about 56% of students that apply. The journalism school is a but more selective in that only about 41% of students are accepted each year. The journalism program is encompassed into one major and students work with photo and video journalism, social media, web and publication design, media innovation and entrepreneurship, and news management. An advantage of a broad major is that students gain a wide variety of knowledge and experience and it prepares them for jobs in broadcast and multimedia reporting, writing, editing, and producing. A downside is that students are not able to select a focus for their learning.

7. New York University

This large, urban school offers a journalism program in their Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute. Within the school, students can choose a focus in either journalism or media criticism. It is important to note that they have a strong liberal arts emphasis and students are required to have a double major with another field of study in the College of Arts and Science. New York University, similar to Boston University, is very selective in their application process and only about 35% of students that apply are accepted into the school. This university is also similar to Boston University in that they have a great location in the middle of a large, busy city. New York City is also ideal for outside of the classroom experiences and the university is located very near to the heart of the city, Times Square.

6. Boston University

This large, urban school has an exceptional journalism program within their College of Communication. The university itself is very selective and only about 35% of students that apply get accepted each year. They offer broadcast, magazine, online, photo, and general journalism. A large advantage of this university is its location, in the middle of Boston, and its proximity to things like Kenmore Square and Fenway Park. This is ideal for outside of the classroom experiences and exposure that make this journalism program more successful.

5. Syracuse University

This medium-sized, urban school is well-known for their S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. Syracuse University accepts about 53% of the students that apply each year, but their communications school is much more competitive and less than 10% of students that apply are accepted into the communications program. Within the communications program, students can take a variety of majors and they offer three different journalism programs: broadcast and digital journalism, newspaper and online journalism, and magazine journalism. The Newhouse School is made up of three, large interconnected buildings that house a variety of technical labs and equipment necessary for the teaching and practice of journalism. Recently, the Dick Clark Foundation donated money to build a new studio in The Newhouse School for journalism students.

4. The University of Texas at Austin

This large, urban school has a journalism program in their Moody College of Communication. The university is very selective in their application process and only about 40% of students who apply are accepted to the school each year. They have one journalism major that encompasses coursework in English, government, American history, math, social and natural sciences, and fine arts. Recently, they have made large improvements in their school. They moved into the Belo Center for New Media and launched a new, digital-based curriculum. They have decided to eliminate walls between print, magazine, photojournalism, multimedia and broadcast. They are aiming to encourage good writing and thinking from the first day and focusing on multimedia skills.

3. Northwestern University

This medium-sized, suburban school is well-known for its Medill School of Journalism and is located in Evanston, Illinois. This university is extremely selective in that only about 13% of applicants are admitted each year. Journalism is the only major within the field of communications that is offered at the university and it encompasses all forms of journalism. An interesting aspect of this university is their Medill Knight Lab. It is a joint venture between the school of journalism and the school of engineering and applied science. It combines these two disciplines to create a media innovation lab in order to maximize the use of open-source software.

2. Emerson College

This small, urban school is located in the center of downtown Boston, Massachusetts and has an excellent journalism program. The only majors that this school offers are business, communications, visual arts, and education (with a focus in visual arts). That being said, this is quite the niche school and each program is very competitive. Visual arts in Emerson’s most competitive major, though the journalism program is also designed for above average students. They are very selective and only about 50% of students who apply get accepted each year. Outside of performance or communication-related activities, Emerson lacks most sports and other activities. It is mainly focused on academics and the success of students. Their strong drive for academic focus brings them to the top of the list. Students who attend Emerson have access to the Journalism Television and Multimedia Facility. It is a center for instruction and production.

 1. University of Missouri at Columbia

This large, suburban school has an exceptional journalism program in their Missouri School of Journalism. It is also known as one of the oldest formal journalism schools. About 78% of students that apply to the university each year get accepted, but the journalism school has particular standards that perspective students must meet and only about 54% of applicants are admitted. The school offers a wide variety of journalism majors specific to a student’s interest. They divide these majors into different groups: convergence journalism, magazine journalism, photojournalism, print and digital news, and radio-television journalism. The school dedicates 8 buildings to journalism practice and teaching. In addition, they have a variety of labs and materials necessary for practicing journalism. For example, they are equipped with design labs, photojournalism labs, and editing labs. 

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