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Mar 21 2016
by Elaina Berkowitz

If Parks and Recreation Characters Were College Students

By Elaina Berkowitz - Mar 21 2016

Throughout the seasons of Parks and Recreation, we got to see the characters grow, develop, and evolve. What we don’t see, however, is what they were like before they had their jobs in Pawnee. There are so many different kinds of people on Parks and Recreation and so many different kinds of college students. If we did get a glimpse into these characters' lives as college students, this is probably what it would look like…

Leslie Knope

Leslie would be a triple major in Political Science, Public Relations, and International Relations. She would be involved with every single club and activity on campus. She would be student government president, an honors student, and would hold other leadership positions in half the clubs she’s in. In her free time, she would enjoy protesting on the quad and meeting new people.


Andy Dwyer

Andy would be an undecided major and frat boy. When he’s not skipping class, he would enjoy drinking and napping. He would also be the kid that sets the fire alarm off making Ramen… every day.


Ben Wyatt

Ben would major in accounting. He would be vice president of the chess club and would also be very involved with any other academic club. In his free time, he would enjoy attending lectures for extra classes he’s not even in and reading ahead in his textbooks.


April Ludgate

April would major in a foreign language. She would be part of an obscure club sports team in addition to a variety of random clubs. She would end up going through sorority recruitment just for laughs, but not end up in a sorority. In her free time, she would enjoy sitting on the quad and going to random off-campus events.


Tom Haverford

Tom would be a business major. He would in a professional business fraternity and eventually become president. In his free time, he would run a fake id business in addition to a plethora of other startups. He would be the go-to guy if you want to know where the parties are on the weekend.


Ann Perkins

Ann would be a nursing major. She would be in a sorority and be very proud of it in addition to having a job at the library. She would also be involved with volunteer organizations. In her free time, she would enjoy going to frat parties and bonding with her sisters.


Ron Swanson

Ron would be a woodworking major. He would not be involved at all on campus. In his free time, he would enjoy telling his professors they’re wrong and protesting the salad bar in the dining hall.


Chris Traeger

Chris would be a double major in Nutrition and Physical Therapy. He would run a cycling class 7 days a week in addition to attending the gym 3 times a day. He would be a part of every sports team on campus. In his free time, he would enjoy stretching and finding new running paths on campus.


There’s a little bit of Leslie and a little bit of Andy in all of us throughout college and especially freshman year. Which character are you most like?

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