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Mar 02 2016
by Elaina Berkowitz

10 Things People in Greek Life are Tired of Hearing

By Elaina Berkowitz - Mar 02 2016

Greek life is very popular at most universities. As sorority sisters or fraternity brothers, many students involved with Greek life face some criticism from those who are not involved. We've grown accustomed to the classic stereotypes we face day to day on campus about our involvement in Greek life. Here are some things people in Greek life are tired of hearing...

1. “Everyone must look/act exactly the same”


Sororities and fraternities can be one of the best ways to meet a diverse group of people. Everyone in a chapter is from different backgrounds, has different majors, different values, and looks very different.

2. “That’s such a sorority/fraternity thing to do”


Buying anything monogrammed? Taking a selfie? Partying? Yes, ONLY because I’m in a sorority, you nailed it…

3. “Did you get hazed?”


Every house is extremely different and many value the comradery of the chapter without the use of hazing. Many are even openly against it and have a no hazing policy.

4. “You don’t look like a typical sorority/fraternity girl/guy”


Yes, because every single person in every single chapter in the world is blonde.

5. “You’re only friends with girls/guys in your sorority/fraternity”


Sorority sister and fraternity brothers have great relationships within their chapters and enjoy spending time with each other. It’s frustrating when people assume that you only hang out with people from your house, though, because you make such an effort to spend time with all your friends.

6. “Doesn’t it take up a lot of time?”


Hours of bonding with sisters/brothers beats watching Netflix any day. Chapters spend a lot of time together and it is a big commitment, but every second of it is also very fun.

7. “You must not be allowed to talk to people from others houses… isn’t that awkward?”


Despite that fact that students involved in sororities and fraternities are in different houses, we all have a common thread: we love Greek life. When it comes to philanthropy, all the chapters come together as one community in order to benefit whatever cause we’re working for. Many people don’t realize that chapters are actually very friendly with each other.

8. “Recruitment is all based on looks”


Recruitment is a long, very formal process. At each chapter you visit, you talks to many girls and your time inside the house is very quick. It’s hard enough to focus on conversation let alone noticing what someone looks like. Not only that, but most houses are very accepting of a variety of people no matter how they look on the outside. Recruitment is a special process where you can learn about yourself while learning about houses and appearance does not really come into play. 

9. “What’s the point of doing that?”


Traditions, rituals, and events are very important to each house. It’s hard for people not involved with Greek life to understand what the things chapters do mean to their house. 

10. “You’re basically paying for friends”


…and the opportunity to participate in amazing charities that change lives, the chance to bond with my sisters and other organizations on campus, and an organized sense of community.

Joining a Greek organization is a great way to meet people and bond with those who have similar interests. Sometimes it's hard for people who are not in sororities or fraternities to understand what we go through, but the sisterhood or brotherhood of our organizations outweigh the harsh ridicule and stereotypes. 

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