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Nov 11 2015
by Elaina Berkowitz

An Open Letter to My New College Best Friends

By Elaina Berkowitz - Nov 11 2015

Dear Best Friends,

I would say that “the past 13 years wouldn’t have been the same without you” or “it feels like we were just playing hide and go seek in your basement,” but neither of these are true. I haven’t known any of you for more than 3 months and we definitely did not “grow up together.” I don’t really know much about your past or anything about how you grew up.

I do know, however, that you are the most kindhearted and funny people I’ve ever met. You’ve truly made the past 3 months the best they could’ve been. I would never have imagined getting so lucky and meeting such amazing people. I wouldn’t have wanted to tackle this new chapter in my life with any other people.

College has been an experience like no other and I’ve tackled so many new things. I don’t think I would have done half the things I did or had half as much fun doing them without you. We all say this a lot, but I always feel like we’re all “on the same page” about just about everything. We all tackled our first college party together and spent hours preparing and figuring out the “right” things to wear, do, say, and act. From walking into that sketchy frat basement for the first time, to cringing through our first shots together, or to realizing wearing our favorite shirts wasn’t the best idea, our experiences were anything but forgettable. I cherish the moments we spent laughing at our innocence and ignorance and will never forget the feeling of having friends who knew exactly how I felt.

Though we have the time of our lives going out and embarrassing ourselves, my fondest memories thus far lie in the halls of the dorms and the couches of the lounge. In between cramming for exams and crunching on Cheetos, we have some of the best moments in the floor lounge. Dancing to Hilary Duff and Taylor Swift instead of writing essays is the usual agenda for lounge hangouts. I’m thankful to have people who can sit and literally do absolutely nothing for hours on end and have so much fun.

I clearly have a lot to thank you for.

Thank you for dragging me out against my own will. No matter how much I want to sit in my pajamas and watch The Notebook, you always seem to convince me to get dressed and come out and we always end up having the best night.

Thank you for the laughs. Whether at you’re laughing at me falling down the stairs or I’m laughing at you, it’s endless.

Thank you for dealing with me panicking. Whether I’m crying over an astronomy problem or freaking out because I see the Otto (our mascot and my favorite thing in the world), you’re prepared to deal with it.

Thank you for getting ice cream me… every day.

I honestly have no idea what I’d do all day without you all. I don’t think college could get any better at this point with you by my side. I love you all so much and I can’t wait to tackle the next four years and the rest of my life with you.

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Elaina Berkowitz - Syracuse University

“Elaina is a freshman at Syracuse University majoring in Advertising. She loves writing, watching The Office and dancing. Her favorite things are ice cream and Instagram. You can follow her on Twitter @Elaina_Berk and on Instragram @elainaberk!

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