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Mar 15 2016
by Elaina Berkowitz

8 Ways You Know You've Found the Right House

By Elaina Berkowitz - Mar 15 2016

After weeks of waiting, days of recruitment, and hours of sisterhood bonding, you finally feel at home in your new house. Finding the perfect sorority is a long process, but it’s well worth it. Loving your sisters and knowing you’ll always have a special bond is one of the best feelings. Here are some ways you know you’ve found the right house…

1. You’re already comfortable enough to tell your most embarrassing stories.

“Well there was this one boy…” or “Don’t judge me, but the other day…” are common conversations starters amongst sisters because you’re all close enough to share your worst moments.

2. Every Facebook and Instagram post explodes with likes and comments from your sisters.

Sisterly support is present through highs and lows… and Instagrams. It’s always the best feeling when you post a photo and receive a bunch of nice comments and support from your house.

3. Ceremonies always end up including laughter.

Between the songs and rituals, it’s hard not to laugh if you make eye contact with a sister. Just their presence makes you smile and the inside jokes you already share make it hard to focus on being serious.

4. Your big is basically the same person as you.

…And pretty much all of your other sisters too. It’s difficult to have a conversation with a sister without saying “same!” Everyone in your house is different in their own way, but you feel like you’re all similar and connected at the same time.

5. Going 24 hours without seeing a sister feels like a lifetime.

You spend so much time with your sisters that time apart always feels like forever. The time away from them usually ends up being short-lived, though, and you meet up with them because you miss them so much. Catching up usually involves a lot of fun and DEFINITELY food.

6. You run up and hug any sister you see around campus.

…Which happens kind of a lot. It’s hard to go anywhere around campus without seeing a sister, so it’s never really a surprise. That being said, it’s still really exciting every time it happens. Seeing a sister makes your day a thousand times better and you can’t help but hug them because it’s so good to see them.

7. You go to the house to study, but end up just hanging out with sisters.

That 20-page study guide can get done later… watching the Bachelor and laughing with your sisters is usually the priority.

8. It’s impossible to eat alone because someone’s always up for food.

Sister bonding and food? It doesn’t really get much better than that. There are so many girls in your house that are always up to get food with you, so you never worry about eating alone.

No matter where you’re from or what house you’re in, realizing how much you love your sisters and have found the perfect place is extremely rewarding. There’s a place for everyone and your sisters make that place a home.  

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Elaina Berkowitz - Syracuse University

“Elaina is a freshman at Syracuse University majoring in Advertising. She loves writing, watching The Office and dancing. Her favorite things are ice cream and Instagram. You can follow her on Twitter @Elaina_Berk and on Instragram @elainaberk!

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