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Apr 12 2016
by Elaina Berkowitz

8 Universities With Amazing Nursing Programs

By Elaina Berkowitz - Apr 12 2016

Nursing is an extremely popular field of study for both incoming college students and graduate students. The world of medicine is imperative to life and is always growing and evolving. There are a multitude of amazing schools and programs designed to produce successful future nurses.

1. University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA


University of Pennsylvania's nursing program mixes clinical experiences with a liberal arts and sciences foundation. They require three years of clinical exposure and partners with teaching hospitals and clinical agencies. Their curriculum is flexible to allow students to take courses in other colleges at Penn.

2. Johns Hopkins University

Baltimore, MD

Johns Hopkins houses one of the nation’s oldest schools for nursing education. Its mission is to improve healthcare and advance the profession through education and research. They offer a variety of programs including public health nursing, pediatric primary care, and nurse practitioner.

3. University of California- San Francisco

San Francisco, CA

UCSF's nursing curriculum is designed to teach students habits of advanced thinking about problems related to nursing. They provide course work in research, nursing science, and theory development. Many graduates  become scientists that conduct research in nursing and contribute to the development of the field.

4. Columbia University

New York, NY

Columbia University prides itself on having a unique curriculum. Their program prepares students for the field with a focus on care coordination. Students gain knowledge for making a difference and achieving personal goals. They offer clinical placements that make real world experience possible.

5. University of Washington

Seattle, WA

University of Washington provides an experience that aims to inspire creativity. They offer small classes that encourage critical thinking. The university utilizes their region’s capacity by connecting students to career-building experiences.

6. University of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA

University of Pittsburg's programs prepare students for nursing practice in a specialized role, research methods and skills, further study, and more. The curriculum includes core courses, specialty courses, role development courses, and electives. By the end of their time in the program, students will be able to evaluate knowledge of nursing theories, demonstrate leadership skills, and demonstrate the ability to communicate ideas in addition to a variety of other things.

7. Duke University

Durham, NC

Duke prepares students for a lifetime of learning. They are able to jump right in and conduct research in addition to gaining an understanding of health promotion and illness prevention. The curriculum allows students to customize their opportunities to fit their goals and needs.

8. New York University

New York, NY

The goal of NYU's nursing program is to prepare students to practice nursing in a range of settings. Students are challenged and gain a scientific basis for a nurse’s role. Additionally, their courses offer increasing levels of knowledge and skills for addressing problems in the field. 

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