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Feb 01 2016
by Elaina Berkowitz

8 Apps That Will Make Your Morning So Much Smoother

By Elaina Berkowitz - Feb 01 2016

1. Wave Alarm

Wave Alarm is not a normal alarm clock. Instead of fumbling around to turn off your alarm, you simply wave your hand to snooze or silence it. Additionally, the app has background alarms so that you never oversleep or miss anything.

2. Calm

This app allows your day to start off better because it features 25 soothing sounds that can relieve stress. They offer three meditation options to cater to styles. The first one is a guided meditation program that tracks your progress, the second is unguided, and then shorter guided meditation programs. This is very versatile and works for any type of person that is stressed or worried about their day in the morning.

3. Momentum Habit Tracker

The best part about this app is that it is very simple, yet useful. It is a habit tracker that helps you reach your goals. This is perfect for mornings where you are feeling overwhelmed about everything you have to get done. By using this app and setting reminders, you can take a breath and ensure you will get everything done.

4. Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise is a calendar app that connects to apps like Evernote, Facebook, or Foursquare. It also syncs between your phone, tablet, and computer to make things even more efficient. It’s perfect for college students because you can combine your social, academic, and extracurricular calendars.

5. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle analyzes your sleep in order to wake you in your lightest sleep phase. It is very natural and you’ll be able to wake up relaxed. It’s perfect for college students because we are generally sleep deprived and are consistently staying up to catch up on work.

6. Pindolo

Pindolo is an app designed to brighten your day. It includes quotes, comics, anniversaries, games, and tips of the week. It’s a great way to start off your day good with a fun or inspiring picture or quote. It can ease the morning blues and put a smile on your face to ensure you wake up on the right side of the bed.

7. iCukoo Charity Alarm Clock

iCukoo is an innovative app that gives back to society and is extremely simple. You choose the charity you want to support and decide how much you want to give for each “snooze.” If you snooze your alarm in the morning, the app takes note and adds money to a donation fund. It makes you more likely to wake up without hitting snooze in addition to benefiting a good cause.

8. Habit Clock

This app forces you to focus on one thing at a time. It divides tasks in smaller bits so your morning does not seem as stressful. All you have to do is create an ordered list the set the alarm. It leads you through your list in the morning so you don’t forget to do anything and don’t have to rush around to get everything done.

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