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Dec 15 2015
by Elaina Berkowitz

7 Websites To Find Gifts For Every One of Your Friends

By Elaina Berkowitz - Dec 15 2015
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This wacky gift site sells gifts by occasion. It’s perfect for a holiday, but very appropriate for the Christmas season because they also provide stocking stuffer ideas.


Etsy is a website that sells just about anything. It’s known for the crafty sellers that can make personalized and creative gifts.


This online shop is nice because it gives you ideas for gifts for certain people. Some of their categories are “unique gifts for dad” or “unique gifts for outdoorsy people.”


This one is perfect for super silly gifts. It has a lot of different categories of different kinds of gifts that will make everyone laugh.


This website is perfect for techy friends. It has crazy gadgets and things you never knew even existed. You could find a really unusual and useful gift on this site.


This website is really nice because you can narrow down your search a lot. You can find gifts for very specific people and they have a variety of silly, but useful little gifts at a variety of prices.


This website is more well-known and has classic silly gifts. This is also perfect because you can find a lot of college themed things as well. 

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