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Oct 17 2015
by Elaina Berkowitz

7 Texts Every Freshman Has Received from their Mom

By Elaina Berkowitz - Oct 17 2015

Most freshmen live with their parents their entire lives before they move into school. College can be a big transition for students, but an even bigger one for their parents. 

Though moms aren't always the best with technology, they definitely know how to send text messages. And they've definitely sent at least one of these texts.

1. The Concerned Quadruple Text

2. The Information You Don't Care About

3. The Frantic Text Post-Missed Call

4. The Unnecessary Confused Text

5. The Dorm-Life Worrier

6. The Progressive Questioning

7. The "Everything" Text

Every freshman has received texts like these from their mom at least once while away at school. Whether your eight miles or eight thousand miles away, texts like these can make you feel like you never left. 

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Elaina Berkowitz - Syracuse University

“Elaina is a freshman at Syracuse University majoring in Advertising. She loves writing, watching The Office and dancing. Her favorite things are ice cream and Instagram. You can follow her on Twitter @Elaina_Berk and on Instragram @elainaberk!

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