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Oct 29 2015
by Elaina Berkowitz

18 Things That Will Make You Feel Nostalgic

By Elaina Berkowitz - Oct 29 2015

Even though we're in college, the nostalgia for simpler times hits home. I think all college students wish it was still acceptable to grab a juice box and some crayons and watch Lizzie McGuire with your Build-a-Bear. 

1. The Box That Held It All

2. The Most Excruciating Minutes

3. The Coolest Way to Get Around

4. The Only Thing You Had to Worry About

5. The Original Netflix

6. The Most Intense Battles

7. The Game That Made You Feel Professional

8. The Best Art Supply Around

9. The Best Science Class 

10. The Most Important Decision of Your Day

11. The Most Inedible Food You've Ever Tasted (Including Dining Hall Food)

12. The Original Binge Watching

13. The After-School  Show

14. The Coolest Place to Have a Birthday Party

15. The Best Christmas Present You Got in Junior High

16. The Original Social Media

17. The Messiest Form of Expression

18. The Most Important Fashion Accessory

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Elaina Berkowitz - Syracuse University

“Elaina is a freshman at Syracuse University majoring in Advertising. She loves writing, watching The Office and dancing. Her favorite things are ice cream and Instagram. You can follow her on Twitter @Elaina_Berk and on Instragram @elainaberk!

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